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  1. I know you guys is smart enough to know the answers and I know how generalized this sounds. But my girl is dying from cancer rapidly. Her hair is gone and it's spreading and she doesn't have time left. I know it's a longshot and I know she might die or we might die before it even happens if it happens but I want to know how can we acheive immortality or at least reversing the aging process. Telomeres I heard is the key. If our cells keep destroying themselves then there has to be a fucking way to stop them from destroying themselves. Have no one tried testing this shit on rats or mice and tried to do a DNA reversal. I don't understand why nothing is happening but we're supposed to be smarter species on earth and we still can't figure out how to have flying cars without everyone killing each other and getting this immortality/telomeres solved.. I need answers now. I'm sorry if I sound aggressive. But my girl is going to fucking die and I'm not playing around..I need answers
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