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  1. Dear all I'm getting ready for the computer architecture exam, and I need your help with one exercise. A simple microprocessor with a 16-bit data bus and a 24-bit address bus supports virtual addressing. 64 pieces of 16 bit register DPPi=0...63 are used. However, only 14 lower bits are available. The length of the virtual address is 16 bits. The 6 upper bits indicate one of the 64 registers. Physical memory is obtained by unifying the 14-bit page address and 10 offset bits. Questions What is the amount of memory in kilobytes of each segment? My Proposed Answer 2^14 * 16bit=256kb What is the maximum number of segments in physical memory? My Presumptive Answer 64*2^14 What is the total amount of physical memory? My Proposed Answer 64*2^14*256kb Thank you
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