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  1. If you are at home and think of it as work then yes. If you love what you do and enjoy sharing knowledge then I wouldn't think of it as work. I asked about Fungi because I think of them as separate from plants or animals (along with the other kingdoms but for this moment I'll focus on these 2), meaning they can work in conjunction with both plants and animals. Thinking that way means plants, animals, and fungi can work in conjunction with each other for tasks like pollution clean up over time or medical treatment if time and effort is put into understanding how the different kingdoms can work together towards a single goal. The how I don't know because fungi are studied as a plant for food consumption in the U.S. to my knowledge. (I have always had an aversion to mushrooms because I see I don't see them as a plant)
  2. Fungi are a separate branch of the evolutionary tree to my understanding, how to they differ from the different branches? How are they the same? How does point of original effect how a fungi behaves? How has human interaction effected fungi evolution over time?
  3. I am not a pathologist, nor a specialist in really anything anymore, but when an bacteria is removed from a human body, especially one known to have traveled to a foreign country containing different bacteria from the local inhabitants, aren't there legal guidelines, and ethical ones, in the form of laboratory procedures meant to be followed for identifying the strain of bacteria to prevent possible spread should it be a bacteria not local but easily treated, or in the case of a new strain new treatments found to prevent a pandemic?
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