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  1. This topic can be archived I was right, HNO3 was successful
  2. I'm not saying it's not but I'm not saying it's the sole reason either, because I don't know because I wasn't there. well I made a post and it's no longer there, so the logical conclusion for me to make is that is was deleted, back to topic please.
  3. like I said (before someone deleted it) I'm done arguing... it's pointless. how can one be sure whether it's or isn't and issue of practicality or discrimination or even both without being there with the ones who made the choice? so outright saying one side is wrong or right (referring to the forum users) is ignorant within it's self... not everything is as it seems right off the start.
  4. thanks for the info, I've never met him before in my life, I agree this is ridiculous, please don't dig your own grave as well by trying to threaten me.
  5. oh of course the "I was joking" excuse and you know what's Ironic? you doing the exact same thing you are being sarcastic about... (which is call hypocrisy) you know how you just picked apart my post and now are tying to insult my own intelligence... and do tell what is it I need to "go + look up" (what ever the "+" is there for I have no clue) and I didn't ignore I merely pointed out your incompetence, there wasn't anything disputable about the main topic so why would I need to bring it up? Keep digging.
  6. what are you having trouble with? and that's not me being snide, but in which way was I not clear in my words? you brought up his signature into question in a way that has myself (and perhaps others) perceiving shame to his intellect, the comment wasn't at all necessary, as well as the comment being "slightly OT" (off topic) is false... it's completely off topic and in my logic the only purpose it could serve is to make him look less intelligent, I've lived around manipulation my whole life, I know what it looks like, but that's just my perspective. now we are really discussing semantics... this topic has been derailed XD
  7. I think his approach was intended to be unbiased as he could while explaining it wasn't just "nonsense" at the helm. Your approach does appear to have some bias elements, I'm not saying you're wrong, because by definition your statements are true, but the "I think you misspelled [X]" meme (cause that is what it is) from a certain perspective can come off as condescending and the argument can appear as if it's over semantics and for those whom are not familiar with meme culture and are trying to remain unbiased, it can come off as if you are trying to put words in their mouth, but that is just a thought from my perspective. intellect shaming?... really? that's your opening for a rebuttal? it's completely off topic.
  8. So I'm having a slight issue with my work. I think I figured it out, but I want to see if there's something I'm missing. I'm using the KNO3+Cu+HCL method to generate NO2 and lead it into H2O2 inside an ice bath. I'm able to generate the NO2 after applying heat (since I'm using muriatic acid), but I think the ice is melting too fast (I do not have a fume hood so I am outside) So it got me to thinking that if I chill the H2O2 overnight, add only ice without adding water and try in the early morning or at dusk that it may fix the issue at hand. I am also unsure on the time it needs for the process.
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