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  1. A large part of the population in Europe is the gypsy minority. They are dreg. They cannot be described as people. It has nothing to do with biological assumptions or race. It is true that they cannot all be thrown into one bag. This is not important because rats are not all the same. In business you also have to make certain decisions and be uncompromising. Why do you eat pigs and cows but refuse to eat dogs? My neighbors would rather have pigs at home than a gypsy. It has nothing to do with race. Every day, Europeans complain about the economy, and the problem can be solved easily. Europe would look like Dubai if everyone opened their eyes and stopped playing morale to feel like they were well raised. Everybody here hates gypsies. Not all but what? Who will stand up for them? How will it affect you? Yet, we cannot all be hypocritical and call this idea unethical or immoral. Why is it moral to slaughter rats but not enslave (hyperbole) the poor who does not have their own state, murders, steals, hates, stinks and still complains about discrimination and they still provide social benefits for this dreg. I am against implementation of this system. In Europe, countries are poor because of the lack of mineral resources, other wealth and other causes. Some states, although they are not rich in mineral resources, have a lot of gypsies. If we sold these rats, Europe would be Dubai. However, it seems to me to be a logical and possible solution to get rid of this gypsies. If the rest of the world disagrees, they can accept these gypsies and have them deported to their countries. How else would they be deported? No one can get them out of here. This is not racism. It's purely a hypothetical question. :))
  2. I don't want to be childish. I ask because I wonder if it is purely a luck thing or there are other influences. I wonder what twins that grow up separately in other environments and families look like.
  3. You're annoying me. I don't want to offend anyone right away but you're pissing me off. Ever since I signed up here, I've come across you up everywhere I was. You put embarrassing emojis here and you act like you're the smartest man on Earth. I guess you have nothing to do. You don't have a job. You sit at home and write on this forum. Americans were against illegal migration to the US. Trump had the same view and that is one of the reasons why he was elected president. A big problem has been solved and it is time to solve the next one and focus on it. Invest more time and money. Any candidate who wants to win the next election will have to come up with an argument. People want better health the same way they wanted more work and less migrants in their country. That doesn't make sense to you?     You're an idiot and I'm out of this forum! I won't read again.
  4. What doesn't make sense to you? LOL. You say he's not interested in the health of others. It doesn't matter that much. However, if he wants to secure another election in the next elections, it would be ideal to set certain criteria for him.
  5. I do not think so. I never said that. I will be glad if you read carefully before answering. That he does not care, I took into consideration before I started this discussion.
  6. Sorry for my English. I can imagine much more progress. I think medicine is being neglected. Taking into account what radical changes were made during Donald Trump's function, more pressure is needed.
  7. I myself do not like that man. He is perfect and ideal to be charged. Last week I heard on television how they said that a woman was released after 23 years in prison because the judges and jurors were wrong and the witnesses were just... It is easy to believe that Weinstein committed those crimes, but at the same time I would not be surprised if those women invented it because they just did not like him for various reasons. Can you think of any changes that would help improve..?
  8. how did you support that its not obvious to everybody in this discussion that thievery and vandalism is just in lower rate? you didn't. as we say in the country where I live Those, who are preaching water, but drinking wine
  9. I didn't assert not a single human on the planet didn't know. You’ll just continue to waffle, though. I know you’re not only unwilling to support your posts, but you’re also incapable. Really? You think you cant sue people for verbal assault? its in the law. Maybe I used the wrong words? That is also possible. English is my 4th language. its not prohibited. yet. you genius. English is my 4th language FYI. If you don't think before you write, I will not discuss with you. You have to check the facts first. I think I will ignore you. LMAO.
  10. He thought I didn't know. Everybody knows that its just lower rate.
  11. Don't think I don't know. Stop being a smartass. Its not meant literally.
  12. You cant observe thievery or vandalism in countries like Singapore because the law there is more strict. I say it is VERY POSSIBLE.
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