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  1. Please forgive me for any grammar mistake. I'm a civil engineer and completed my Msc (Maths) focusing on Numerical Study 10 years ago. After my semi retirement as a result of my financial freedom, i have been studying some practical Maths problem for fun. Recently I've been trying to model and solve a 2 digit lottery drawing game, and i failed. It's purely my imagination since i didn't see this in anywhere. But who knows it may exist? Suppose we have a lottery game of 2 digits, drawn from 2 separate but identical electrical drums as lottery company always have. Each drum consists of 10 balls, numbered from 0 to 9, to be drawn as a pair and the drawn balls are to be replaced. In one game, 12 pairs of numbers to be drawn as winning numbers, on every Saturday and Sunday. Eg A particular Saturday: 09, 21, 04, 31, 48, 61, 00, 32, 99, 98, 11, 99 Sunday: another 12 pairs of numbers My question is: if you have the result of last 1000 game, how do you calculate the most probable drawn numbers (one or two pairs) for the next drawing? Any idea?
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