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  1. Ok, I have a question about somethings I experience. First time I expierenced it was maybe 5-6 years ago, then one more time in the following years and the last year alone I had another 3 expierences. The first time I knew I was awake but relaxed and I was aware I can move and still interract as a woken person, but I stood still, and I started to see images and then to explore an envirement of a coastal city, but it was very strange and there was no trafic on the streets, so I wondered around and observed alot of things like buildings and the marinal port. But anyway it is not important, I wrote down the expierences lately, like I remember them now, as of what can be discribet about them the rest of the experience is forgoten in a way. The strange thing was I wasn't a sleep and I knew it is a dream of some kind, but I didn't want to move or open my eyes because I thought it will stop. Also during the expierence I was recieving tons of information about anything that catches my attention in the envirement, and also there was something like a safety, like a safety monitor or something with this idea to prevent me from freaking out freaking out or getting scared and disconecting, so it kept me calm and in a good intentional state. After that when it was suposed to end I opened my eyes and all the information about things that I recieved just started to disapear like when you wake up from a dream and start to forget it. Only the expierence of what I saw and where I walked remained. It happend to me again in a different enviorements every time. The stragest thing was that two of the last three times, my wife was right next me in bed, we were discusing something, when I stoped replying, she asked if I'm asleep, then I replyed to her that I'm not but I couldn't explain to her what is happening because I didn't understand it. Like I said about the first time, there was some information coming to me about everything I see or that catches my attention, it appears that the information was including sensations and expierences but as you know sometimes expierences can't be explained, so I could only describe to her what am I seeing. It happened two times with my wife present, the second time it was very intensed, because the information source ( wich I call the interpreter, and also my anty-freakout guide) was almost like talking to me and explaining what I am I seeing, but like in a rush as if time was runing out. The last one totaly destroyed me because, I’m not a believer or religious, I don't easily believe even in aliens, although it is impossible for them not to exist if we do. I consider to be a very rational person, but the last one is very uncomfortable to talk about, but lets say, I saw and was told things that questioned my disbelief in "the god" and others like it! So about those expierences, any ideas what they are, becase I don't get paralised, or sleep, or dream, I’m awake and interacting also I can move in the other enviorment, but don't feel much of it, exept the information flow with expierences that seem to be from the past but I don't know wich past mine or someone or something that already expierenced them, and also feelings from already lived times, but not mine, because when it ends they fade away? Any Ideas?
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