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  1. I see. Would you possibly have another explanation then for what is happening in the video? I remain puzzled to what is going on.
  2. Hi! Since you two seem to know what is going on here, could you please explain it? Because I am puzzled by this reaction. Now obviously I thought of esterification, however as far as I know (and could find), that requires an acid catalyst, not a base. The base is used for saponification. So it is esterification but with the catalyst for reverse esterification? That makes no sense right? Or is the sodium hydroxide used as some sort of dehydration agent? I came to this question via this video, where you can see the reactants: https://youtu.be/7ddpV8R6pFo?t=137 Either I'm stupid or I should throw my bachelor degree in chemistry in the bin, but I don't understand this.
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