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  1. Hey how's it going, I happened to stummble on this out of small curiousty lol. I first knew I could do this at a young age, my guess would have to be around 6. When I did, I asked my family and my friends if they knew anything about it. Some said yes, most said no. I didn't really think much of it, nor do I feel I do now since there is no benefit to it. However, I would like to know more about it though so any other imformation would be much appriciated. If it helps with this " Voluntary Blurry Vision" thread, I would notice when I cried (which was alot as a small child lol) that I could do it only because when I stopped crying, my vision was still blurry. Even after wiping all my tears away, thus the orgin of my useless ability. Other than that, my vision is on the 20/20 scale so idk ... Well this is a common attribute, given the fact that the eye pupil shrinks and dilates. In order to allow more or less light through. Would not recommend pointing a militaty laser directly at your eye, as it does classify as "any brightness." I wonder what a fully closed pupil would look like, pretty gross I imagine.
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