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  1. So you don't believe in the power of prayer? Prayer is the utilization of the law of attraction. A spiritual law. Even in the bible it says: "ALL Things whatsoever you ask for in prayer, BELIEVING, you shall receive." I have experienced it might self many times as have lots of other people. Jesus used and taught the law of attraction even if he didn't call it that. He brought miracles back to faith. "your faith has healed you". Lots of people have experienced the law of attraction and shifts happening in their reality. I've heard and read many stories from other people. We're not del
  2. (I'm not really sure which subforum this belongs in) I'm just trying to understand how reality works but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this. Just hoping someone can help me make sense of this. There has to be someone out there that understands this stuff. If you've heard of the law of attraction, I'm very interested in this topic because I have manifested lots of things into my experience over those years. I know it works - I've seen it work many times. Some people think we "attract" our desires/manifestations to us, but I think what is actually happening is tha
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