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  1. 3x=21 Solve for x Can you please explain to me, because I missed this topic when we did in school. Thanks
  2. How to find a mode and Median a of this sequence:{5,8,6,4,5,3,5}Can you help me with this problem, because I didn't get it when we did it in class.Thank-you
  3. Firstly it is( II) and I will sent another image
  4. For the first one I got 49.20 when I added everything up.
  5. I don't know what to do for question ii) .Help me please I'm lost, I don't know where to begin with. I have an exam tomorrow on this topic, so I require a bit of help because I had been sick a lot , so I missed a lot of school, so I missed the topicThanks for answering the question
  6. I had some difficulty , with this problem in class yesterday. I don't know where to begin with. Thanks
  7. The price in the shop is $ 20 by how much % you how to reduce the price to get 15 So 20= to 100%. if you take away 20 from 15 you get 5 So if you take 100-5 =95 So is it 95% if it is wrong explain please.