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  1. All reporters do a shoddy job of research for their stories. Have you ever read a reporter's story on Quantum Teleportation?
  2. I'm not sure I understand your answer. A bullet traveling 1000 feet per second wouldn't knock someone's hand out of the way, it would pierce it. A meteorite roughly the size and shape of a bullet traveling 44,000 feet per second certainly wouldn't knock someone's hand out of the way, and it certainly wouldn't bounce off and then strike the ground hard enough to leave a two foot crater.
  3. A news article I read today. Quote: "The white-hot meteorite bounced off the schoolboy's hand and hit the ground so hard it left a foot-long crater in the tarmac - as well as a three-inch scar on his hand." If a meteorite traveling at 30,000 mph hit someone's hand, wouldn't it take it off, rather than bounce off?
  4. Artsy fartsy people do. This film is a special type, and it's also almost 40 years old. Apparently photographs taken with this film have a certain look that artsy fartsy people like, so they're willing to pay a lot of money for it. My roommate is selling it to some guy in the UK, and he doesn't want to take a chance that someone will accidentally x-ray it. He's already got "Film: Do Not X-Ray" stickers all over it. He just wants a little bit more assurance that it won't get ruined. Thanks for the info, guys.
  5. I'm having a discussion with my roommate. His opinion is that only lead will block x-rays. I think anything will block x-rays, if it's dense enough or thick enough. So I'm sure that aluminum foil will block the x-rays used to x-ray packages going through the Post Office. So I guess the question is "is it possible to wrap unexposed film in enough layers of aluminum foil to prevent exposure of the film by the x-rays, and if so how many layers?" Thanks.
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