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  1. Hello, lets say I have coordinates for 3 points, and I want to find a function that satisfies the following Function pass through all the points Function is strictly increasing Function type is either: exponential, logarithmic, or involves x powers; in other words, we will omit sinusoidal functions and rational functions. we can think of any number of points as an example. so, lets say: point p1 = (6.5 ,1) p2 = (7.0, 2) p3=(7.48, 3) how do I find a fitting function for these? I can easily spot that this cannot be a logarithmic function (because slope is decreasing), nor can it be in the form ax^b unliss the power is b>1 (for same reason) but what power of X is best chosen? is it better to make it in the form Ax^b or is it better to choose multiple powers? I think multiple powers wont satisfy the strictly increasing condition. the form C+ Ae^bx can be easily worked out I think, I guess I will give it a go in a minute
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