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  1. So if a girl has the triple x syndrome, Does the extra chromosome actually carry any important DNA? Why can't we just surgically remove it? I know that it won't be possible to remove ALL of the extra x chromosomes but lets say that would be possible.
  2. It's because on this website I sometimes see that there are actually not scientists but random people trying to tell people false facts. sorry I found out how to quote only now. oops, sorry actually i don't. sorry i'm new to this website
  3. ok fine some people but I saw some people who are straight up trying to mess people heads up, sorry.
  4. From today's technology we can't even think a way of resurrection most because we don't know what happens after death, Yes you probably lose contentiousness and your organs stop working but its beyond our understanding because no one ever experienced it and then later can say how it was. from a quantum physics stand point (i'm a genetic engineer and by no means a quantum physics professor) but basically everything is a wave, so when a person dies (or the wave reaches 0%) it starts again, BUT that is with quantums but not organic living cells. Short answer: We don't know with today's technology and we won't find out anytime soon (most probably). Good question!
  5. Ok, I have a PhD in genetics, This is just false, I respect your opinion but PLEASE DO MORE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU STATE SOMETHING.
  6. You can't know for sure if he is your biological dad until you do a DNA test. It is very likely he is because the phenotype (What the DNA actually makes visible changes) You could just take most of the genes from your mom. I would recommend taking a DNA test, those can cost up to $50 and then you can find out the full truth. btw it seems there are acualy no scientists here.
  7. So lets say i'm holding a blade of grass which weights 1 gram, can I calculate how many base pares does it have? I know that mammals should have more that plants or prokaryotic organisms. So what i'm asking is basically is there an exact way to calculate the amount of base pares per gram or is it unique for every organism.
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