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  1. Hello everyone,, Ii'm at a two year school majoring in biology and i want to transfer to a four year school to major in either ecology or environmental science. i took an ecology course and i loved it and i did well. i was looking at the graduation req for rutgers and one big thing i noticed was that for a degree in envi sci, you have to take organic chem, and for ecology you dont. i am leaning towards majoring envi sci. there are a lot of little differences differences with the course titles too i noticed. so whats the main difference between these two sciences?
  2. Hello everyone,, So I recently finished my BS in physics. Classical mechanics was by far my favorite subject . Is there any place for this kind of stuff in physics nowadays? It does not seem like it to me (there is some stuff with chaos and nonlinear dynamics). Also, I definitely want to go to grad school, but afterward I do not see myself going into academia (maybe not a research career at all). I want to work with modern defense and/or space technology in some way, likely on the R&D side of things. All of this makes me think physics is not the place for me and that my interest in classical mechanics and aerospace and defense technology would be more at home in AeroE or MechE. However, I do like physics and I don't want to get away from it. I just want to find an avenue that combines my interest in classical physics (mainly mechanics, but I like EM alright as well) with my interest in aerospace and defense. Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Did anybody else make a similar transition?
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