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  1. LOL No, I don't think you are smarter than I, nor do I think that you are as smart as you think you are. That is what I was trying to say when I pointed out that there is so very much that you don't know. And as to my having my fingers in my ears??? Excuse me??? It is not I who is closing down threads because I "don't consider it good science or good religion," it is the moderators of this forum who did that. And as to insulting Mokele's mother, again, you misunderstand--I wasn't saying that she had a big dink, I was pointing out that she begat one when she birthed Mokele. You do see the difference? Anyway, since opening and reading a thread is not obligatory and since we seem to agree that God and by extension ID is at least a possibility, why slam the door on discussion? That is, why slam the door if you wish to appear to be open minded?
  2. It appears from the above that there are more than a few in the scientific community who are not at all sure that there is no such thing as God. If one believes in God, is not it also reasonable to believe that a God would be all powerful? And if God is all powerful, isn't anything therefore within the realm of possibility? Subject only, of course, to God's will? And if something is within the realm of possibility, doesn't that qialify it for discussion? Now, I know that there are many here who think that they are privvy to alllllllll the secrets of the universe, and who want to demonstrate their vast knowledge by being impatient with those of us who are merely normal, but since the known facts regarding the universe and it's origins are so very small and what is yet to be learned is so very large, isn't this a little arrogant? All of this discussion of "science" by the denizens little forum reminds me of a 16 year old child telling it's parents that they "just don't get it.":rolleyes: Now, I know that this post will probably garner another of Moleke's cute little "warnings" in my PM box, but someone had to tell you little phoneys that your hat was getting a little too tight.
  3. As long as there is a philosophy/religion section on this "scientific" forum, isn't it a little hypocritical to disallow an ID thread? All one needs to do after all, if one wishes to not be involved in a discussion about the viability of the ID theory is not read it. Is that too much? :confused:
  4. Cathy Pa

    Under God

    Syntax252? Who is this Syntax252? He seems to have made quite an impression around here. Did he wear a mask and leave a silver bullet with someone?
  5. Cathy Pa

    Under God

    But, as I understand it, nobody is making anybody recite the pledge.
  6. He sure is' date=' but the parents of those kids are just as guilty as he is. What kind of Mother would allow her child to spend the night with Michael Jackson after what has come out about [b']him[/b] in the last 10 years?
  7. If these sex offenders are considered a danger to children sufficient to impose a 2500 ft. law, why are they not still in jail?
  8. Didn't this thread say large breasts in the beginning?
  9. Has anyone here considered the possibility that Earth could have been seeded with the beginnings of life forms on purpose? Not necessarily by God, but, if the universe is something like 20 billion years old and Earth only 4 billion years old, wouldn't it be possible that an alien life form could have evolved in another part of the universe that had the capability and the desire to spread life around a little?
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