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  1. I totally agree. A device for full immersion can be used to help incurable people, thanks to him they can live a full life in a "real" virtual world. With this technology, you can help blind people by feeding the image from the camera directly to the brain. On the same principle, you can help deaf or people who can't feel pain, you can do something like an exoskeleton.
  2. Hey all. After watching one serial (actually anime) I captured by the idea of full immersion. What is personality? What is reality? "When you walked through a park, the immersive world that surrounded you was something that existed inside your own brain as a pattern of neurons firing. The sensation of a bright blue sky wasn't something high above you, it was something in your visual cortex, and your visual cortex was in the back of your brain. All the sensations of that bright world were really happening in that quiet cave of bone you called your skull, the place where you lived and never, ever left. If you really wanted to say hello to someone, to the actual person, you wouldn't shake their hand, you'd knock gently on their skull and say "How are you doing in there?" That was what people were, that was where they really lived. And the picture of the park that you thought you were walking through was something that was visualized inside your brain as it processed the signals sent down from your eyes and retina. It wasn't a lie like the Buddhists thought, there wasn't something terribly mystical and unexpected behind the veil of Maya, what lay beyond the illusion of the park was just theactual park, but it was all still illusion. Harry wasn't sitting inside the classroom. He wasn't looking at the eraser. Harry was inside Harry's skull. He was experiencing a processed picture his brain had decoded from the signals sent down by his retina. The real eraser was somewhere else, somewhere that wasn't the picture. And the real eraser wasn't like the picture Harry's brain had of it. The idea of the eraser as a solid object was something that existed only inside his own brain, inside the parietal cortex that processed his sense of shape and space. The real eraser was a collection of atoms held together by electromagnetic forces and shared covalent electrons, while nearby, air molecules bounced off each other and bounced off the eraser-molecules." (c) Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky In fact, reality is just a collection of information from the senses. It turns out that to create a "real" virtual world, you just need to learn how to control information from the senses or replace it. I would probably have put here all the information about how neurons act, exactly how and where signals come from the senses, etc, but I'm afraid my knowledge of English is not enough for this (sorry for bad English if he was, I'm from Russia). What do you think about this? Your ideas how we can control information from senses? I think and hope that such a device is possible to create.
  3. Metro 2033 by Dmitriy Gluhovskiy
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