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  1. Why are there at least 3 dimensions of space but only one dimension of time if space and time are the woven fabric of reality? Why does all of space move through time in the same direction?
  2. yes, here on Earth the ice cube melts slow because it is somewhat insulated bt an atmoshere. But standing in the sunlight at 250 degrees is a little different than 100. And you can measure the temp. of things other than air ok, i think that makes sense. so, i was thinking of the radiation as particles. In your diagram the arrows are getting farther apart as they grow longer. If it was a particle stream then the intensity would drop off between the arrows, right? But behaving as a wave the energy is dispersed evenly? So, I wonder if the Big Bang is behaving the same way? And I am going to be honest, the whole concept of wave versus particle gives me headaches. I also cringe at the thought of electromagnetic waves traveling through empty space. Now I remember why I didn't pursue physics as a career, I am not good with it but I have the same problem as the cat......curiosity.
  3. ok. i think. so. the energy spreads out as it radiates. if you get far enough away would the light spread enough to the point that the sun would appear to have dark spots? I mean, the Apollo astronauts were said to have experienced temperatures ranging from 250 degrees in the sunlight to -250 in the shade, correct? How did the suits cope with that kind of variance in the second or two it takes to step from the sunlight into the shade of the lander? please be patient with my ignorance.
  4. can anyone or perhaps everyone explain to me why objects farther from the sun are colder in empty space? I understand that on Earth, in an atmosphere, that heat is dissipated as it is generated from a fire. However, ifn space with nothing to weaken and dissipate the infrared energy, it seems that distance from the sun wouldn't decrease the heat received as long as the object is in direct sunlight.
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