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  1. Is it because they are Marxists (in the economic, cultural or racial sense)? Why the double standard? This is hardly a scientific attitude. Such people betray their agenda. After all a "racist" just thinks races are different and a "Marxist" thinks they are the same. I guess one side wants a monopoly on name calling. Also their sacred idols like (((Jared Diamond))) are above any criticism. Criticising a theory is "an agenda". Go figure. I notice the Marxist pseudoscientist swansont trashed my thread. I suppose then this is a Marxist forum. Rationalwiki is also like this. A Marxist forum calling itself a science forum.
  2. So you're saying we get basketball players and jockeys, then look at only the genes that "determine" height, then cluster them? I don't see how that would be useful at all. Predictive validity is the sine qua non of a scientific construct. What would this predict? Nothing beyond what you already knew. This is called Diamond's fallacy I think, after the Marxist charlatan Jared Diamond. He claimed you could make an "eye-color/shoe-size" race, or something. Which would predict nothing beyond the initial classification. However clustering based on overall genomic similarity would be highly predictive for any number of things. Do you make these same objections about "size classifications" being possible when people classify bears by shared ancestry too?
  3. I don't understand this at all. If there is a difference between regions we can categorise. I think we share most of our genetic variation with dogs don't we? But there is a difference and the classification is about the difference.
  4. I hear some people say it's a social construct.
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