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  1. Share if you are an expert in this field or if you had clcp or if you know about it. Your experiences and thoughts. Basically post anything that's not in Wikipedia.
  2. If a rigid external distraction device is being used on a 18 year old with repaired cleft lip and palate for a 12mm distraction of the upper jaw, how will it affect speech. Will there be hyper nasality? By what percentage will the speech improve?
  3. For the squaring numbers rule of any number of digits I found this pattern- exclude 5, multiply the remaining number with its successor and write 25 in the end of the product. Eg sq of 125 = (12*13)25 = 15625 Sq of 25 = (2*3)25 = 625 Sq of 1435 = (143*144)25 = 2059225
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