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  1. What if someone programmed a robot to appreciate beauty. Give it patterns to distinguish beauty everywhere as he believe it should be distinguished. What are emotions? Algorithms that are made in us we almost can not even control them. What if someone programmed a robot to have some emotions that are triggered by some events? Creativity also can be imitated as the field Deep Thinking try to achieve. I am not asking about miracles. I mean the usual human tasks and behavior. I believe there is nothing that AI can not imitate.
  2. What AI can not do? Give us examples of tasks that AI can not do (in your opinion) whatever effort and advance technologies have invented. Dr. Yahya Al-Samawi Computer Science Department Al-Razi University Link removed (rule 2.7)
  3. You are wright, human instinct will force many to fight against AI because it deprive them their usual human life. But, many will find it nice to have AI doing all the hard and bad work for them.
  4. I believe there must be some work for human after all, but much more easier. That is what is most important. I work almost all the time because life needs that. I believe AI will make our life easier and funnier
  5. I believe if the AI took over all the jobs of humans that will not mean that we will go around doing nothing. Life will be like paradise is described we will have all the time for doing what we love, walking around, having fun, writing stories and books. every thing will b very cheep because no one one will complaint about his/her hard job, and production will continue 24/7. I believe there must be no worries about jobs or how we will live. Everything will be good if AI took over jobs. Dr. Yahya AL-Samawi Computer Science Department
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