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  1. Hey there, I‘ve got some questions about Hess law or to be specific I’ve got some exercises I’m not getting the right answers: 1. C2H2 is being burned and 1.3 *10^3 KJ/mol energy is relieved . H(CO2)= -394KJ/mol and H(H20)= -286 KJ/mol.The binding enthalpy for C2H2 is asked. How do I calculate that? 2. Si can be gained if SiF4 reacts with Al. Thereby AlF4 and Si is being produced. H(SiF4) = -1550 KJ/mol and H(AlF3)= -1301 KJ/mol. What would the enthalpy be? I tried to do this two questions for hours but I’m always receiving the wrong answers. I would be thankful if someone could help me. Thanks a lot! greetings
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