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  1. @Strange@swansont I am only quoting what I've read, and it would dissipate the same way ripples in a pond do I have thought about your question too swansont, why wouldn't the waves bounce of the wall?
  2. @Strange maybe I read it in a different article, you are right its not in the reference I gave but it went something like this: "you can disprove this theory by a simple thought experiment if you imagine a particle going through one slit at a time, the pilot wave would travel through both slits creating an interference pattern but if you elongate the slits, the pilot wave that went through the slit without the particle would dissipate before it reached the end, creating no interference pattern" not an exact quote but if I find it I will reference it. then it goes on to explain a similar theory that was created which got around this issue but still couldn't explain two particles at once
  3. @Strange sorry I didn't mean to sound rude the reference I provided explains the flaw with "tunnels"
  4. @Strange yes I have (first paragraph) "tunnel": the slits if you elongate them and my reference mentions everything except teleportation (I lost that one), vortices, and water walkers
  5. @Strange the flaw is that the original pilot wave theory would break down if you extended the tunnels of the double slit experiment, and that it could not predict what would happen if two particles were near the same place reference now provided, I should add that it can't predict entanglement. no it explains everything but that I am only an amateur at math but I know complex things I don't know fluid dynamics or anything useful to support this speculation @swansont both, it fixes the issue pilot wave theory has about entanglement
  6. @Strange can you give a reason? and what does it mean?
  7. this cannot be called a theory (its not even a very educated guess). if you know of pilot wave theory, you might know that people have found a flaw. but the same person that came up with pilot wave theory came up with an alternative theory that is similar but (as far as anyone can tell) predicts the same outcome as standard quantum mechanics (except entanglement) here is a link to an essay that explains all of this. so I decided to expand it and found a bit of irony. imagine that the probability wave is controlled by an actual physical wave that travels through a medium that we cannot detect (to bring old terms back I will call it the Aether) this Aether would act like pilot theory defines it but each particle is a vortex rather than a wave and this vortex would guide the particle (and the particle would still create a wave in the Aether (maybe caused by the vibration of the particle its self?)) if you think of it this way, pilot wave theory might explain entanglement. you can entangle particles by getting two particles really close (is this true? that's what I've heard) in the Aether this would combine the two vortices into one half ring vortex, thought about testing this but I don't have the materials all I think you need is a standing wave in a large body of water and create something called water walkers and glide them towards little dips in a half ring vortex I have know a video for water walking, and a video for a half ring vortex. if the two water walkers act the same (don't know how to test that) even with a delay it would support this. now if it had a delay then (the irony is coming soon) maybe the Aether has no definition of distance. meaning that it begins as soon as it ends allowing two particles to act the same at great distances instantly (and the bond would not be weak the way a long half ring vortex would be). now if we still think of these as vortices (and they are spinning) if we got them spinning fast enough they could widen into a hole that exists in two places at once (Teleportation!!!) this would explain how we were able to teleport a photon over 25 kilometers by shooting it through an electron. the reason that this is ironic is because we could call it an Einstein Rosen bridge and Einstein's greatest blunder is solved by his own theory. don't bother telling me this is nonsense I already know that (but if someone finds evidence of it, please contact me and THIS IS MY THEORY (I am selfish that way))
  8. @uncool yes but my reasoning goes as far as a video I watched on how to get it. I used the same method but got an annoying square root of 2 to mess it up.
  9. uncool, yes but my reasoning goes only as far as a video I watched on how to do it. I used the same method but got an annoying square root of 2 to mess it up
  10. should have clarified that, even though I am a fan of mathematics I have only learned pre algebra through part of geometry (and I don't know if what I want exists), thank you anyway
  11. all I want really is a nudge in the right direction
  12. this is not an assignment I was given but it is something I've been thinking about and I don't know how to solve it I want a list of equations that use two variables that when I plug in any whole number value for the two variables they will give me solutions to the equation (a^2) + (b^2) = 2(c^2) an example of what I want is the Pythagorean triples. (a^2) + (b^2) = c^2 a = 2mn b = (m^2) - (n^2) c = (m^2) + (n^2) can someone help me with this problem?
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