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  1. I want to use lithium chloride to help me calibrate some humidity sensors in a sealed box. Apparently a saturated solution of lithium chloride can keep air at a humidity of 11.3% at room temperature. My question is, if I had 30 grams of LiCl in a container that wasn't sealed, so it could keep absorbing water from the environment, am I right in thinking it would be able to absorb ~35.6 ml of water? The solubility is 84.3 g/100 ml at 25 °C so I figured 84.3 g / 30 g = 2.81 and 100 ml / 2.81 = 35.6 ml - I want to make sure it can't overfill its container and cause a spill if I can't keep it airti
  2. Suppose you wanted to carry 500-1000 ml of a solution to neutralise acid or alkali attacks, what would the solution contain? I realise it should be a buffer and it also can't be too strong to prevent damaging body tissues with heat. I guess it would be ideal if it didn't effervesce either so it doesn't spread the acid/base around? I know you're meant to douse 30 minutes with water but I'm never going to carry 100 gallons of water so that's more of a second aid than a first aid. I'm not planning on getting attacked and it may not be worth the effort of carrying around a solution for this margin
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