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  1. What are the 10 unanswered questions in current Physics in your opinion ? even some not 10 !
  2. Hello, i am searching for a scientific divulgative book about gravity, any advice ? P.S. Did any of you read :"Quantum Space: Loop Quantum Gravity and the Search for the Structure of the Universe"-J.Baggot ?
  3. I just read that Inflation was caused by rupulsive-gravity and negative pressure. I am so confused.
  4. In cosmological physics, and accordingly to inflation theory, what caused the field to expand ? I can understand the concept of quantum fluctuactions but i don't really understand how did the process of expansion started : "He found that if the universe contained a field in a positive-energy false vacuum state, then according to general relativity it would generate an exponential expansion of space."(Wikipedia). And why the expansion wasn't immediate but gave time to the Universe to become isotropic as shown in MWB ?
  5. Knowing our current state in physics, i would like to know what will realistically, in your opinion, the next big discoveries in Physics be . In the next : -5 -10 -50 -100 years.
  6. Thanks to everyone ! My essay ended up being pulished in the monthly journal of my school!
  7. Why are those local principles (expecially the invariance of the speed of light) ? This was formulated to escape the apparent paradox which suggested that if one could catch up to a photon, that one would see a stationary electromagnetic wave right ? I know r,θ,φ but honestly i've never "applied" them in something concrete so i don't know if i would understand any use of them. (I'll add what i know about them ) Also what is LAMBDA g v in EFE ? In my textbook there is nothing written about it. It just shows the equation and describes roughly what everything means except LAMBDA g v. Thank you and sorry for my ignorance! Ryan P.S. I don't need/have to put math in my essay i just wanted to understand the equation myself.
  8. Oh i see, thanks. I think however, one day we'll figure it out . Personally i don't think events happen without a precise cause which determines them. Isn't this becouse of photons which gets emitted or absorbed by the involved particles ?
  9. Thank you so much to everyone, i am understanding much more now! I have some update becouse, yesterday many other students in my class complained about the difficulty of the topic and so the teacher changed it to "Newton's law of gravity"for those who wanted. I was the only one to stay with dad Albert; so i want to do this very good and i would like to have a complete view of the theory as far as i can understand. How does e/m do that ? A couple of years ago when i was 10 i started studing physics in my class and since then it seemed to me that every effect, even the thiniest one, had a cause: like the gluon causing the strong force that helds the quarks togheter ( at least that's what i know ). So i still can't figure out how in details is space-time bent. Oh ok, this is pretty mind blowing to me. I always thought space ( in particular becouse time seems a more abstract and not fundamental concept to me ) as something existing, as something we can't see but "it's there" like the higg's field or the electromagnetic field. I guess i would need a much higher level of mathematics to understand the equations ( i am currently learning polynomial equations) from which things should get more clear i guess. Describing in the essay the implications of general relativity i thought of writing about : 1) Gravitational Lensing 2) Black Holes and time dilatation effects 3) Problems in space research travel missions ( like in interstellar ). Is there anything else which is quite cool and simple to describe that i am missing? Also thank you, everyone, for your support in making me understand this concepts which are much harder to approach without the help of my dad (who was a physicist), which sadly passed away last year. I joined this forum yesterday and i looked up some discussion about topics of my interest and i immediately realized this a forum of giants, people that knows a lot and which i want to become in the future. I don't know if i can understand even 1/3 of what discussed in most of topics but i'll try to. See you, Ryan I need to deliver the essay this thursday and the best of them gets published in the monthly journal of our school in the science section.
  10. Hey folks, i am an S1 student in Scotland ( it should be 7th grade for the usa ). I've been asked to write a 6 pages essay about General Relativity and it's implications. First, i looked some documentaries on Youtube to understand better how space is connected to time and how both are not absolute as newton described. I think i understood what Albert is trying to say pretty good now. What i don't get is how is it possible that gravity bends space-time, is it the matter that bends it ? or the relation of the mass and the space-time, like in the classic view of gravity ? or does spacetime alone "do the job"?. One last thing i don't really understand in General Relativity is that gravity "seems not to exist", like it is not something defined as a force or a photon. So does gravity exist in Einstein ideas? (Also, but this is for my curiosity: why is it called "the fabric" of space-time ?) Excuse me for the many questions, but i find this theory really really hard to understand even if physics is my favourite subject right now. See you, Ryan.
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