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  1. Like other on this topic I too have unwittingly started this electric excitement cycle that is kinda addictive. Triggered by some muscle in my eyes. But it's happening more and more ferociously instant rush of something nice but very difficult to describe tingle to the point of a shiver with pressure in head high frequency whistle in side with a wave of something...
  2. Before you come and section me please read in full and I welcome ANY explanation..so here goes..bored one night I decided to try and make my closed eye pre sleep mind state that was very dark..to go as white or as light as my mind could make it..and after very little trying it did..but.....when I tried to hold it white/light I shudder all over my my head whistles and I get a prickly excited feeling all over. I woke up remembering the feeling...and I'm hooked on making it happen. But the problem is now when ever I blink or close my eyes the tingle and head whistle are becoming more and more fre
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