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  1. I f'd up, trying to mentally recollect the story instead of just posting the right story which is not the Gilgs one. I have read a lot, forgot a lot, not catalogued properly or at all. I am not the best person for this job. But here I am fallible but not without merit.
  2. I love these words. This is a lot of info to cover, I will start a new thread to get into the context and texts. Thus we've only achieved a hypothetical state in this thread but then again we haven't cracked open the scrolls yet to take a more forensic view. I run a business, have a family, trade stocks and not much time. I have spent a great deal of time on this material, The history, the science the practical. It is a very worthwhile endeavor but a vast amount of analysis is required. This material represents several thousand years of a collective of thoughts and datas in different languages. Also encrypted to boot, but by cross referencing and cross matching these sources and their correlations are overwhelming. I want to present The materials in a more complete way on another thread. You are right, there may be no way out of this furnace.
  3. Bullshit that it happened or bullshit that someone wrote that it happened? Its the second oldest written story in the world that we know of.. wether it happened or not I'm 50/50 on. lol, But it is a very ancient text to be using such technological concepts as metal mechanical beings with beams of destructive light shooting out of their eyes. All right, this has all been a preface. Us arguing halfway saying the same thing but with very little context, only hypothetical concept, not producing much more than speculation. I would love to start a 2.0 but get into the actual works of The Book of The Dead (anagraph), The Osirian (Heiroglygh/Cryptograph) Genesis 1 and 2(Anagraph), The book of Revelation (Anagraph) and the book of EIOU from Nag Hammadi (Anagraph, Cryptograph). Ill lead with a scholarly article on cryptography and its dominance in a particular era of Heiroglyphs and then Ill explain in detail how to read it in accordance with the book of the dead, also how it relates to us in modern science and what the architects/authors probably knew about physics chemistry crystallography and electricity. I will also debut a physicist from Galilee which I'm sure you'll all find excruciatingly riveting. Folks even if this is all pure conjecture and hogwash poopoo garbo it will make for an excellent script. Stick with me you'll be underwhelmingly entertained or possibly sublimely enlightened who knows. If you haven't studied the texts its going to be difficult to have much more than an argument, Rather have an informed dissenting opinion than an ignorant argument.
  4. Speaking of lasers in antiquity circa 1200 BC have you ever read the Epic of Gilgamesh? Robot comes out of the ground to battle shooting lasers out of its eyes. Now Archimedes toasted some boats with optical calcite, reflectors and the sun. It seems that the high technology was always kept exclusive from the populace. as in the Priests or Magicians. Holy and whatnot. The entirety of the ancient world didn't practice this stuff. Until Greece, the Greeks democratized knowledge and had they kept their Political shit together they probably would've jumpstarted a technologically advanced world wide civilization. Ill read up on your sea people. Are they the Hyksos clan?
  5. You know, this might be the most rational and logical thing anyone has ever proposed about these whacky books. Y'all act like im starting a cult. LOL.\ Good comment, I will never forget what you have said here. Going on my gravestone.
  6. Practically idk, Im just the messenger.... Hit up Elon I guess see if we can't get into production and marketing.
  7. Yeah I know, it'd short the market, we can only milk the earth for so long. Yeh if you find it don't open it, Very radioactive.
  8. I imagine those things a lot. What if the only technology we do employ is helpful to all thing biological in nature. What if we designed systems that work with living things instead of killing them. What if you don't have to spin a wheel or create harmful em radiation and infinite pollution. It is in these works. I hear you, Those works are a lot to read and even begin to comprehend even if it is all allegorical which is a possibility that only better proves my point, The science and material essence of this history, any history should not go overlooked. I have built things with my hands based on this knowledge that worked. I don't have a lab or palladium or an infinite supply of hydrocarbon ion exchange resins. I can tell you how to produce a virtually never ending supply of electrons with 3 strong magnets, an iron pipe, a guitar string some frankincense resin, copper wire, a gold contact and a bronze contact then all you need to figure out is capacitance. I used their designs and modern knowledge to construct crude but functional examples. To understand any of this one would have to understand the Hall angle, Faradays Linear, Electron holes and ion induction, As well as the designs of Leo Theremin, Curie and Tesla. Those folks recorded the proof already. What Im saying is the ancients did too and they left designs and an ingredient list.
  9. If compelling evidence is required then here you go. Complete with -/+ and ground circuits. The little fish represent magnetic currents. http://gnosis.org/library/1ieo.htm This is supposed to be some liturgical diagram (Circa 330 AD) whatever that means... but its only logical importance is as an electrical device design. It has several functions referred to as emanations of God i.e Voice, light, face, breath, etc.... Now in the old testament Moses had constructed a device that emanated the voice of God and the The hebrews absolutely could not comprehend and Moses couldn't teach them. The culture had been marginalized, suppressed and made to be subservient through fear, ignorance and superstition. I didn't make this stuff up its in the books. A interesting fact about the Nag Hammadi scrolls which the above text is from is that they were found less than 15 miles from Abydos and the Temple of Osiris Where other similar diagrams exist and where the Book of The Dead was kept. which is another analog description of circuitry with the same materials as Revelation, Enoch, Moses, David and The greeks. The Greek/Coptic Christians were all slaughtered as heretics for doing what actually turns out to be science. Every bit of Technological information was wiped from the earth after Constantine established the Holy Roman Empire. All that remains is a few books, some scrolls, hieroglyphs Myths and legends. These particular scientists were good at encrypting valuable info behind a religious front. Abydos is the birth place of Western Philosophy, The Greeks learned everything here and it inspired the Hellenistic Age of Enlightenment. Abydos is also where the most important libraries of dynastic Egypt containing the wealth of magical and scientific knowledge acquired over 3,000yrs... Here is a PDF of The Book of the Dead sorry couldn't find a better format but the papyri are cool too, http://www.public-library.uk/dailyebook/The Egyptian Book of the Dead.pdf If you take inventory of the materials described and find out how they are commonly used in electrical design today you'll be as surprised as I was to realize these people were far more intelligent than we give them credit for. The Egyptions, a select few knew nearly as much about physics as is commonly understood today. I might be crazy but I'm not altogether incorrect. This may be the most compelling point of relativity on this subject, I found this intriguing and validating for my studies: http://www.godelectric.org/
  10. Please forgive me for such strong opinions regarding the Orthodoxy of this material. It is not valueless, please excuse the mistake. Clearly the religions have preserved the data for us to interpret as well as providing moral and social continuity. I was occultized by the modern Constantinian Christian Church, for years I studied these text for personal enlightenment and self betterment completely ignoring the most valuable data. It wasn't until I needed to solve a seemingly impossible medical problem for someone else that I could truly see the scientific value of this data left by the ancients. Now I can't unsee it, the answers for the worlds most dyer problems are yet to be fully realized within these texts, glyphs and symbols.
  11. I didn't say superior, science is science. Simply that much of our technology in regards to energy production and consumption is inefficient and terribly destructive. We have the same understanding of the technology Moses was possibly using, we just choose the most costly methods as it is the backbone of our world wide economy. Inducing electricity is virtually free and self sustaining, can't really make a profit off of free. The evidence is littered throughout all these texts, proof is practical. I took designs from these texts along with commonly understood modern scientific practice to produce such phenomenon as described by the ancients. I filled up car batteries with electrons using Moses' material list. I made water deflect at a 90 degree angle using sound and an intense magnetosphere again with the materials described in antiquity. In the first and second chapters of Genesis Moses goes in to great detail about the physical nature and mechanics of the universe but that gets completely overlooked. Analogously explaining the universal source of all power and wavelength as a derivative of Ferromagnetism and its relationship to the Hydrogen atom in the development of living things. In my opinion the relationship between Iron and Hydrogen is the foundation for all life on this planet, Together they are the chicken and the egg of biological chemistry. He describes such principles as the Hall angle and induction all in the first couple of pages. This is just Moses, I have 1,000 such examples straight from many authors listing the composing materials and scientific principles that produce evidenced phenomenon. I am not saying that we don't understand the stuff he knew, I am saying that we aren't applying the most beneficial systems. Why would anyone not consider the more logical and agree with a valueless superstitious interpretation. We simply aren't the first culture to rub two sticks together and make a fire, Niether are we the first culture to dig up conductive metals and apply magnetic forces to them to create a spark.
  12. Ark of The Covenant not Noahs Ark. If one wanted to build the largest wooden boat ever made one would need to determine the laws that govern buoyancy first.
  13. I would like to use this discussion examine the written evidence to determine if the data has material evidence of the knowledge and practice highly advanced technologies not yet completely realized by modern scholars. To do so we must separate the superficial from the material, the ideological from the physical. For Instance, If Moses was able to move water in such a way as described then what is the scientific phenomenon that is being described and what are the requisite materials and methods to produce the phenomenon, is this information contained within the author's texts or relative texts that will provide supporting evidence. In this particular example The phenomenon described would require a massive electrostatic field, the materials required generate such a field were present in the Ark, which is constructed with +Gold and -Bronze conductors, electrolytes, ion exchange resins, Iron, Magnets and Microcrystalline agate stones...... Speculatively Moses was capacitating a very high voltage through magnetic induction and the story appears to me to contain a description of Moses wiring his output device in a triple electron hole configuration allowing for 1 million times the conductive potential of the device. I know sounds like science fiction until you go back and re read Moses looking for the material composition written throughout his works. To understand Moses one would also need to comprehend what he knew. He knew the complete mysteries/science of Egypt as a potential Pharaoh would. He knew the book of the Dead and he was introduced to the science of the Magi in Midian, as it were if you were to fall in a cave in that area then everything you'd need to make a massive static device would be in there. Magnets, Iron, Copper, Gold, Tin and ion exchange resins from Frankincense trees for dielectrics would be growing at the mouth of the cave. I don't believe it a stretch to deduce that an educated Moses and many others just figured some things out about the physical universe like Tesla and applied them in practice. People were generally so ignorant and uneducated that Moses had to hide it in plain sight in the form of religion until we had developed enough to understand the science and come to the point where we would need to apply it. 3,500yrs later we still don't apply it correctly. Some of the texts that I believe best provide potential evidences of advanced technology are, but not limited too: The Book of The Dead and the Hieroglyphs at and around the Temple of Abydos, Book of Enoch, The Pentateuch, The New Testament, The Nag Hammadi Scrolls, Book of JEU ETC.... I would love to know your thoughts before I go on, Truly I haven't begun but unless there is genuine interest then Id rather not.
  14. Magnet-Electricity and the materials and knowledge to do such. All of These things a extremely relative to the main premise, Its a lot for anyone to study.... if no one else will I'll giver a go..
  15. Awww, Good catch. I got my digis crossed. Although SiC could be a potential resophonic link between sound waves and organics. How do I edit the previous post?
  16. Today I will finish off this material list and then list and site the science data that I have observed. I would like to note that using Tree Oils for a ferrofluid and Hydro Carbon Ion Exchange Resinshttps://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjJo4T4qenrAhXLW80KHTv9AKoQFjAIegQIDRAF&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sciencedirect.com%2Ftopics%2Fchemistry%2Fion-exchange-resin&usg=AOvVaw32IRn7mh0mVICkvS3s_S2a has great potential for organic electronic circuitry. Silicon Carbide - This is the material we make computer chips with. each crystal containing a memory loop function. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silicon_carbide. If anyone has read the list above and have studied these elements and their uses, then they may have noticed that we have the needed materials for Catalytic conversion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalytic_converter water purificationhttps://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/agricultural-and-biological-sciences/water-purification ,ionic air purification systems, sound equipment (speakers, mics, pick ups..... can all be used to harvest electrons) synthesizers and much more.. Before I go on I must first speak of precaution to anyone who works with electricity or manufactures any devices.... Must comply with all Federal and State laws that govern whatever it is you are doing... Why the caution..... Static Induction, and Static Capacitance. This is lightning power, very high voltage. The same stuff Mr. Tesla was probably working with in the desert. I find it better to er on the side of precaution and fully understand all the parameters and outcomes. Functional designs have predetermined results. Maybe in this case smaller is better. 2.The Science of The Matter. 1. The Hall effect/angle and magnetoresistance(types): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hall_effect https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetoresistance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_magnetoresistance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colossal_magnetoresistance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extraordinary_magnetoresistance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tunnel_magnetoresistance 2. Electron Holes in conductive materials https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_hole ://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwi6tf-utenrAhUEXc0KHdh-C6IQFjAHegQIExAG&url=https%3A%2F%2Fenergyeducation.ca%2Fencyclopedia%2FElectron_hole&usg=AOvVaw0G8NzOfDDXNaKmx2Z1waoh 3. Static Potential and capacitance: https://www.toppr.com/guides/physics/electrostatic-potential-and-capacitance/ 4:ElectroStatic Induction: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjFv-qiuenrAhUFHM0KHTYgAKsQFjAAegQIBBAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FElectrostatic_induction&usg=AOvVaw0BAArEzWOy2vmhNdOTrcHR 5. Faraday, Lorentz and Maxwell: https://www.tau.ac.il/~tsirel/dump/Static/knowino.org/wiki/Faraday's_law_(electromagnetism).html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorentz_force https://www.tau.ac.il/~tsirel/dump/Static/knowino.org/wiki/Maxwell_equations.html 6. Superconductivity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superconductivity 7. Flexoelectricity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flexoelectricity 8. Farroelectricity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferroelectricity 9. Triboelctricity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triboelectric_effect 10. Triboluminescence: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triboluminescence I will return later with more information, Along with the materials above and how these principles relate this is enough for now. My advice is go to magnet school. I will add more in the days to come.
  17. I agree, and do apologize. I wish I had begun this topic in a different way. I am rectifying and siting as we rn.
  18. I should have just started with this, for the incoherent above rambling I do apologize. Please let's begin again without all the rhetoric and let me provide only that which is already known and observed by all (already proven data). The materials and mechanics. 4 years ago I realized how to induce, capacitate and distribute electricity via ferromagnetic circuits. I wasn't the first to figure this out I just recognized that if you can send electrical currant to iron and it becomes a magnet then you can use a magnet to produce electricity through copper. This is Faraday's law of Linear induction. I found a better way to order the materials to maintain a constant state of alternating magnetic flux in the iron+magnet components. Then I had to consider charge differential between alternating currant coils and how to capacitate the electrons that were moving across them. At first I used epsom salt, a ball of fine copper wire and water as an electrolyte in a bronze bowl filled with sandstone pebbles for capacitance. I used a short clay plumbing pipe to isolate anode (iron rod) from cathode (copper rod) I hooked them up and connected the circuit to a completely dead car battery. I previously measured the battery with a volt meter and it was quite dead. Two hours later it was charged to 50%. Note: I did hang wind chimes with a nonconductive string to the iron anode to encourage magnetic flux in the iron. This is caveman electricity but it worked so I had to research this out. This wasn't the ideal circuit I would later realize but it was a foundation for my scientific endeavors. I have since designed better capacitors and or voltaic piles more suitable for on demand power usage, leave that for later.... I have spent these years studying the chemistry/physics/mechanics that allowed me to achieve certain results so that I might be able to share it with those for whom this information is most useful. I mean who doesn't want to do more with less and lets face it.... Our planet and it's occupants could use a break from the burning and the blowing shit up, I hope we could agree on this. My desire is that we would exclusively use ferromagnetic power systems made of radiologically stable, organic and renewable components that produce biologically beneficial chemical reactions for energy production, capacitance and application. Very idealistic and seemingly improbable but we're scientist, we can sort this out. First a list of materials, then (tomorrow) I'll site verified research and the observations of proper scientists. Subsequently I will give you all a redesign of a working Faraday linear flashlight except it won't be linear anymore but I digress. 1. On to the Matter of the Science... A. The constant and the prime mover: Ferromagnets and ferrimagnets - Fe3O4 magnetite, Fe2O3 hematite (I have been using neodymium magnets in leu of magnetite, not exactly the most stable elements if they get oxidized but very effective for experimenting with a powerful ferromagnet.) Iron as it is the magnetic frequency wavelength conductor in a ferromagnetic system (I have used carbon steel, cast iron, face sintered, body sintered, Galvanized, all producing differing resonant wavelength properties) B. Conducting Metals: These metals were identified and chosen by their electron hole charge preference in a ferromagnetic field, they can exponentially multiply the charge differential in each other depending on their arrangement within the circuit. Iron - the core, oscillator Gold - Cathode (cations +). Powdered gold can be mixed into hydrocarbon tree resin as a dielectric and or superconducting/capacitating components. Bronze - Anode (anions -). Bronze is an alloy of Copper/Tin and often Lead or silicon, it is a composite material and as a result it serves well for electrical resistance. Copper - Prime electrical conductor this makes for great coils around magnetically oscillating iron as long as the two metals are separated by a dielectric material to prevent saturation or hysteresis. Paladium/platinum - mixed with hydrocarbon tree resins as a part of a static capacitor or as a dielectric super conductor medium. C. Dielectric mediums and static capacitor materials. Hydrocarbon tree resins: Pine tar, Frankincense, Myrrh, pitch, aromatic resins etc.. Many will work I have found that frankincense resin bonds the best with iron, it maintains a strong elastic bond and enhances the resonance of iron. It is among the organic materials considered to be "Flexoelectric", Relatively new term I will site later. Carbon: Graphene, Activated carbon with or without palladium, Carbon black, or Shungite powder. Linin: a static capacitor, It can be doped with Carbon, Gold, Paladium, Fe2O3 (rust) or starch depending on the desired results. Copper, gold, graphene, platinum foils. I have explored other capacitating materials and contemplated piezoelectric capacitors but they tend to produce unwanted, less than stable radiological properties. On silicate minerals and their usage in this type of circuit id like to discuss much much later. not needed for what I am trying to relate now. But as for now I Will leave you all this material list and room to ponder. I am a busy father so I gotta go for now.
  19. Yes, commonly used principles and processes. I know I am not a great communicator but my education has been a very practical one. I really can help you all make things that will benefit life on this planet. Don’t crucify me yet. Give me a bit to drink my coffee and put my findings in text and context.
  20. if you’d all like I’ll just give you all a material list and the scientific principles that are currently understood that can be used to produce electricity with magnets being the only oscillator. No spinning wheels or fuel (except The bonding of H to ion) magnets naturally cause this reaction. Once you see the list and the processes, all this will make sense to those more adept at explaining things. I’ve spent 4 years studying and experimenting with this stuff with measurable results. It would take months to site all this info, I have volumes of info saved to site but it would Be much easier to list the materials and principles and let you all find it in the books and journals. Field lines would be the correct term I suppose. Please guys, just let me post a list to get things in perspective. I can tell you that it all starts with what we know as Faraday’s linear induction. I’ll post more on this to clarify in a bit when I have some time later today.
  21. They are polar opposite. Not in direction but rather they are inside out or outside in currents. Ferromagnetic currents do not cause molecular damage to biological life whereas EM currents do. This has all been proven and it’s in science journals everywhere. I’m not proposing some new science, I’m just trying to help people see what already has been proven to help put things in proper order.
  22. We have constructed energy systems that consume and destroy from production to usage. EM currents are destroyers of biological life. They separate protons from matter within the field. This creates cancers and genetic defects in living things. They demagnetizes neural centers causing Alzheimer’s, dementia, malformed cell generation..... everything bad really. the polar opposite system is that which is derived from ferromagnetic driven electrical systems who’s energy can be explained by the bonding of hydrogen to ion. Scientist in this field of study haven’t quite decided on a name for this process, at least not in a uniform term. I’ll throw a term out there for it that makes the most sense to me: Hydrogenesis. All living things use energy in this manor, ferromagnetism is the means by which All life is generated and evolved. This is the electrical system of the earth and the entire universe. All matter is constructed and divided into its elemental structures via magnetism as it is the universal prime mover and constant of physics. We know that electrons will only move according to magnetic currents. If there was a Big Bang it was because of magnetism. We have constructed an electrical system that has covered the earth with life destructive properties and we’ve done it the most consuming and difficult way possible, it destroys from both ends. after years of research and experiments I’ve realized a better way to do energy without consuming fuels or using ac currents that have demagnetized the earths core exponentially since the industrial revolution. We are killing ourselves and the planet and we call it good. Why not use the electrical system that doesn’t require the destruction of life but rather encourages biological process. The magnet is what the ancient physicists termed the tree of life, ferromagnetism contain the code for life, we use magnets to save and divide up data, this is a universal principle. Nature is no different, the reason life exists on this planet is because of ferromagnetism. Magnetic dipoles are the recorders of all material information. When magnets get demagnetized they lose their ability to output energy, life.... we have wrapped the earth with an EM blanket and we all seem baffled that nature isn’t in agreement with it. There’s a magnetically weak spot in the south Atlantic around the area where we(humans) exploded a nuke underwater during the early years of nuclear experiments. There was enormous biological fall out initially now the demagnetization from that event is manifesting. there is a better way, I know it and how to do it with safe renewable elements that actually reverse the effects of EM-A/C demagnetization. heres the thing, seems like Few care or see the need for the better, more natural way of energy. I know I’m not alone in this understanding and I can give it all away to those who desire. The required materials and the scientific processes that govern have been realized. I can make a list of materials, processes and even inventions that will ultimately Change the way we all live and I want simply to give it all away but only to those that thirst for a change. Guys, I solved the magnet and how to use it, only to give it all away. who among you truly desires change? Respond in kind and I will pour out all knowledge needed to help you create your better world. We can fix this trash heap.
  23. lol, y’all have fun. I’ll be busy originating and creating. Best of luck to you all.
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