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  1. Your right I'm wasting time talking to you. You have nothing worth learning. Yeah once you start pushing killing people as a solution I'm done.
  2. Dodgy... Very good. I like. But Google will not tell me the type of evolution you believe in. I explain some issue or problem with the theory. You say I'm wrong. Your answer above is nice because it leaves you open , you haven't claimed any position on what evolution is. Plus the truth is not everything is on the internet. Don't feel rushed to answer. I have to go to sleep. Have a good night.
  3. Out of intellectual curiosity, would you please waste some of your time telling me about this evolution. How does it work?
  4. Off the top of my head I would say grain structure. Could also be level and types of impuritys. Do you have some examples? Is it tool steel vs a car panel?
  5. For clarification. You believe in evolution as spelled out by Darwin's origin of the species? Nothing more nothing less?
  6. https://www.livescience.com/4719-laser-zaps-viruses.html I think this might be very effective against more then HIV. If its a femtosecond pulse laser, my guess would be that its a YAG laser. Maybe around 1064 nm. you could input the beam into a fiber acupuncture needle and use it to target viruses inside of human tissue.
  7. There's a reason politicians run things not scientists. Book smart, people dumb. Just my opinion. There is no picture on cigarette container in America, you must be Canadian.
  8. In the end you'll lose both battles. Sometimes its not what you say but how you say it.
  9. Simple answer is no. You can believe what ever you want. Science is just a process really. Think of it like Zen. You can be a Zen atheist, or a Zen Christian. So to with science. Evolution is a problem with me. But that's a whole other problem. Don't forget there's a reason some fields of science are called theoretical.
  10. Every day you'll see ads on tv for some product, don't really matter what. The ad will state that the product is "all natural". Everyday people are told natural = good. This creates a bias, natural = good, and man made = bad. If you look this argument is everywhere. So all it takes is to say vaccinations are man made. And the preconditioning takes over. You place some miss trust in the medical establishment. Its not hard to understand why people believe what's being sold.
  11. I would guess that most of them don't know how many people/kids used to die from the diseases that vaccinations prevent. To some extent the success of vaccination programs in the US has removed peoples fear of disease. Medicine in general is a poor candidate for a business model. Very true sometimes you work yourself out of a job. When people are dropping dead from some illness then you have demand. Once you stop that you stop the demand. Medical professionals shouldn't have to persuade their clients that immunization is trustworthy. The only other option would be to use force. And that would only make people not trust you (and the vaccine) even more. No one likes to be told what to do, even you probably.
  12. If we grew food in large green house towers. We could grow the plants in a high CO2 atmosphere. I don't think pests would be able to survive. We would need robots to tend to the plants.
  13. Its not a problem of science, its a problem of trust. Once Its lost you have to work to get it back. Attacking the intelligence of the people will not help the medical establishment show how vaccinations have save lives. Think of the people as customers at a buisness. Its bad buisness to call you customers idiots. You have to sell the benefits of your product. Sorry saved lives.
  14. I agree with the 100% probability of the universe existing. But not everything in the middle. Just my thought but, the universe is an artificial creation or a naturally event. So there's a 50/50 chance of you picking the correct answer as to its origin.
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