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  1. This is not evidence that such pairs are forming stable dipoles. it is difficult that dark matter that include Electron Positron are ionized .it need superstrong electric fields or superstrong magnetic fields if EPDs are not stable, they will be ionized easily. Energy causes gravity (mass being one form of energy, and the most familiar cause). We don't know the reason that it does. But then, we don't know the reason charged particles exhibit the electromagnetic interaction. We observe that they do, and have models for how everything behaves. Why does gravi
  2. There are several mechanisms that can form pairs of particles and antiparticles. This thread is for you to present the evidence for your idea, not to give you an introduction to basic science. Either go and learn some science or start a thread with questions to fill the gaps in your knowledge. something ionize into electron-positron pair, but you can't see them. they must be dark matter Which demonstrates that it is not distributed like normal matter. Dark matter map show that The density of dark matter increases with the density of visible matter
  3. What positron-electron pair? And what does "disassociate" mean? And if anything "disassociates" them, it can't be dark matter because it doesn't interact electromagnetically. We know this. From evidence. if no dark matter, what ionize into electron-positron pair? And if anything "disassociates" them, it can't be dark matter because it doesn't interact electromagnetically. We know this. From evidence. what evidence? If it were electron-positron pairs, we would know because they would annihilate and produce gamma rays.
  4. I have already explained that the first of these contradicts your claims and the others are irrelevant. if no dark matter, what disassociates electron-positron pair? 'Vacuum' ? nothing? why? Then your model is wrong because we know it doesn't. Why can't you find dark matter? because The existing model is wrong. you are going Into the erroneous zone! Yet another thing you are ignorant of. So why should anyone take any notice of the stuff you make up (that is contradicted by evidence). Spacetime cannot act as a for
  5. This is not true. Yet another thing you are ignorant of. you stay on earth, why? How to explain with Relativistic gravity? How to explain rocket launching with Relativistic gravity? no object exerts a force with Relativistic gravity Electromagnetism has nothing to do with gravity. Dark matter is distributed in the same way as gravity intermolecular interaction is similar. Speed of light doesn't change. you should learn gravitational lens and you should know Speed of light in Different media, too.
  6. One kind of medium, like a gas of N2? What if the pressure changes? Is that not the same medium? dark matter density change, The speed of light and the direction will change; sometime, dark matter density change sharply; sometime, dark matter density change Gradually That makes no sense to me. could you tell us How big is the photon? How am I able to do this in my lab, then? I send lasers into a vacuum, through glass, at an angle (meaning not perpendicular to the glass, I assume) Total reflection of light for example
  7. there are difference between dark matter and visible matter. visible matter can be seen directly, but dark matter can not be seen directly GR was vital to at least three engineering projects I worked on. (And indirectly involved in several others.) It is almost like you don't know what you are talking about. Relativistic gravity just for fun, no object exerts a force. just Newtonian gravity is used in The actual engineering. I thought you understood "all basic physics"? you can not explain only dark matter can explain t
  8. It doesn't. are you attracted by gravity? what is Applying object? In most cases but not always. That is why we need GR. Newtonian gravity is used in The actual engineering,but GR Logical is no use without EVIDENCE. i have given many evidences, you don't read them! Photons←→electrons and positrons could you explain Where is the rest mass? could you explain Where is electric charge? How does a single photon transmit electromagnetic waves The photon theory and the electromagnetic wave theory co
  9. Read a book on basic physics. i understand all basic physics. All particles can change in velocity why not photon? Light is electromagnetic wave.
  10. We know that electrons and positrons annihilate to create photons. We can observe this. This is known as "evidence", a concept you seem to be unfamiliar with. We have not observed dark matter being created from a electrons and positrons. Dark matter is invisible matter Photons←→electrons and positrons that conflict with substance conservation, energy conservation and Charge Conservation electrons and positrons →dark matter+energy dark matter+energy →electrons and positrons many evidences demonstate dark matter include electrons and positron
  11. All quantum measurements require dark matter. In essence, electromagnetic field is due to oscillations of EPDs. The strength of an electromagnetic field can be expressed by the oscillating rate of EPDs and the type of electromagnetic wave can be expressed by oscillating frequency of EPDs. This shows that electromagnetic field is the regular change of physical substance (dark matter), which unifies (electromagnetic) field substance and physical substance reasonably. it is the reason of Quantum mechanical could you give Quantum mechanical reasons? EPD theory i
  12. The randomness of quantum mechanics is The existence of dark matter. the movement of quanta in EPDs is more complicated than the random movement of dust in the air. Quanta and EPDs interact so frequently and disorderly that the moving trails of quanta can’ be calculated accurately. It only accords with the statistical law of spatial probability distribution. hidden variables has relationship with Vacuum friction; Vacuum friction has relationship with dark matter.
  13. i don't know the reason. i give the formula. maybe you should change pdf Reader. Photons. substance conservation energy conservation Charge Conservation Photons←→electrons and positrons electrons and positrons ←→dark matter which one is reasonable? Many possible sources. None appear to be dark matter. Many possible sources? i cann't see any Visible matter is involved? If yes, please tell us. i just think dark matter is involved. This is not the place to teach you basic physics.
  14. What? could you tell me that The total reflection is explained by photons This makes no sense. could you give me the Evidence of 'one' individual particle fluctuations. Time doesn't exert a force. As you are just spouting ignorant nonsense, there is little point in this thread staying open. You need to learn some basic physics. Go back to school. Relativistic gravity how explains gravity by General relativity Relativistic gravity is a force. What is the exerting object? There's no force without things which put force I don
  15. So what? We know electrons and positrons exist. We know many mechanisms that can create them (including pair production from photons). We also know they can form unstable pairs. But the CDMS paper concludes that dark matter was not the source of the detected events. If you can't be bothered to provide links, I am not going to waste my term searching for papers that I know do not say what you claim. electrons and positrons Combine,What substance was formed. electrons and positrons were produced,Where did electrons and positrons come from? if no dark matters?
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