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  1. I do think a lot of people submit to religion out of fear. It's the fear that you are going to get your butt handed to you on a platter in the afterlife if you don't believe in the deity in this life. But say if I was a person who never hurt anyone, did everything to help others, and just live a clean life - would I still be left to suffer for not following a specific religion? You gotta be kidding me.
  2. Why would god reveal himself to iron aged peasants and send Jesus at a time when there was no video or photos? Certainly he knew today's era was coming. Why not reveal all of that now? That way there would be no doubt. The entire world would see. Get the parting of a sea on video and all doubt would be laid to rest. Makes perfect sense. There's still time. Is no one worthy in today's era to have such power bestowed upon them? More people in this era need to be rescued from famine. What's going on?
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