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  1. I am working as a electronics engineer but i love both stream Aerospace Vs. Mechanical Engineering if you ask my why? then i simply say that Now a days both steam needs some knowledge of electronics. But my personal choice is mechanical and that is due to the, three basic stream of engineering like civil, electrical and mechanical. All the other branches comes after these engineering branches and oldest engineering branch is civil engineering. If you want to choose in between Aerospace Vs. Mechanical Engineering then you should consider two things one is interest in subject and interest in study. Because you need to study a lot of things in engineering so you must have habbit of studying. In the last advice, take a strong call without going to much inside the pros and cons.
  2. I think, we can't predict about the human mind behavior so in what context his mind thinking is not a coup of tea. It is not good for educated and developed society. But we must keep in mind that he is above 90+.
  3. As I study and research done on many websites and places, I haven't found any article related to the "Could the Earth have two moons?". The details about moons and other satellites has been listed on the following links. These are very beneficial so if you really want to clear your doubt then must go through the following links. https://earthsky.org/space/does-earth-have-a-second-moon https://www.universetoday.com/92148/what-if-the-earth-had-two-moons/ https://blog.nationalgeographic.org/2009/01/16/could-earth-have-two-moons/
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