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  1. Where will you find such a reference frame that's speed nearly to c? And if you find how will you shift there?
  2. Firstly, building such a long pole is a quite weak idea. Even how can you guess that at the end of the pole the speed will be 1.05c? By the Hubble Constant, For 1 Mpc distance the speed increases only 75 km/h And 1Mpc=3.26×10^6 ly. So you can guess that how long it will take to reach the speed of 5℅ more than c! Again we have to think about a scientific modification in order to build such a spaceship. Your idea was about the exceeding of c. But it is not our topic. We have to make spaceship that has almost 0.8c or 0.9c speed in order to explore the deep space along with humans. Please give indvidual opinion in order to make this project successful!
  3. Hmm but there is some idea by which we can reduce the speed of light and bring it to our convenient phase . Like 'Cherenkov's light experiment' or 'quantum entanglement' that can might make this idea possible. Please comment here and share your idea to achieve the relativistic speed.
  4. Oh I didn’t investigated that but my opinion is just from my imagination. If there is any effect of magnetism on photons, then this idea might be possible. Please give your opinion on how to achieve Einstein's relativistic speed.....
  5. I have imagined a idea to achieve the relativistic speed. If my idea does not work please don't josh with me and if it works then we will achieve it. We know about the compton effect. It says that, the wavelength of the emitted photon is greater than the wavelength off osculating photon. Different material have different work function. So at first, we will osculate a huge amount of photon at a required speed on a material that have a high work function. And then we will pass the emitted photons containing high wavelength through a strong magnetic field. If there is effect of magnetic field on photons, then we will be able to reshape the huge amount of photons with the help of magnetic field. The shape will be like a suitable spaceship in order to make space travel possible. If this idea not works, there might be another idea with the LHC to achieve the relativistic speed. Let me know your opinion? #Let_us_give_opinion_to_make_the_spacetravel_possible_with_relativistic_speed