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  1. I’ve never stopped believing in God. His effect still remains. You know what good is, if humans were really good, do you think they’d ever die? All humans are truly evil beings because all humans die someday. You know that the wages of sin is death. Humans are all obviously sin. The fact is out. If there’s no God, do you really believe that humans and their temporary existences are the most superior beings available? That humans keep dying, cycle after cycle, generation after generation and yet something keeps existence running smoothly. God is the one who has been alive since the beginning to ensure that everything happens as it should. Death has been happening since the beginning of human existence. If there’s no God, it would mean that everything in existence is defective and imperfect. Obviously, you know that there are good things in existence. God is the force responsible for the good things. Furthermore, do you realize that humans have to depend on something other than themselves to know how they look? A baby would never know his face if it weren’t for a mirror. You think God uses a freaking mirror to see himself? There’s evidence to show that humanity is not perfect and therefore is evil. Only good is perfect. Undeniable truth. What powers do humans have? Produce feces, produce urine, produce sweat, have anus, repulsive body odors etc Humans are 100% imperfect and therefore are all evil. Diseases like cancer exist to terminate humanity. Humans don’t have the power to defeat disease because they are bad and evil. The force of goodness put such things in place to ensure that evil continues to die. Yes, evil still exists today, but one day, evil would have suffered sufficient killer blows to be deleted. Then all humanity would be dead in hell for eternity. This all means that God is working secretly at the helm, even though you can’t see him.
  2. Is there God? No one has seen him, but can you feel his effect? Everyone does because everyone dies. All humans die someday because all humans are evil sinners. The wages of sin is death. Good is stronger than evil. God has ultimate power because he is truly good. He hates all evil, that’s why he kills off evil. The reason humanity still exists today is because evil actually has enough power to prevent its immediate death. Goodness will only vanquish all evil after striking sufficient killer blows. Killing off evil is like cooking a meal; it’s only ready after sometime with the fire and not immediately. One day humanity will no longer exist as all evil would be deleted. Then it would be clear that God exists.
  3. Why is it that all humans die someday? Even the Christians say “Jesus” died, but not: “God” died. In the Bible, Mark 10:18 says only God is truly good. I can believe this because all humans die and God does not. Humans are beings. God is a being. One dies, the other doesn’t. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know you’re not really a good being. Otherwise, you’ll never die. It’s undeniable. Then it should be no surprise to know that humanity is on the verge of extinction; there’s a war between Good and evil behind the scenes. Goodness should have just deleted evil at the beginning, but strangely, evil has enough power to prevent its immediate death. This is why humanity STILL exists today. But by definition, good is stronger than evil; Goodness will win the war and finally vanquish humanity after striking ENOUGH killer blows to evil. Now, how come humans don’t exist in a perfect abode like what you could call Heaven? A place where there is only peace, one is always strong and healthy, no hatred, no dishonesty, no filth etc. You are what you create! God is only good and thus cannot create anything that isn’t good. It is known that existence is full of many infirmities and rubbish. Who created those? Definitely not God! This therefore means that humans are actually all the sin, evil, bad, wrong, flaws etc in existence. Yes, there is a human out there who embodies bad breath, initials: BB = Barry Borden, who embodies body odor, initials: BO = Benjamin Oliver, who embodies weakness, initials: WN = Winifred Newton etc. Good is stronger than evil, therefore God cannot be limited and is already omnipotent and omniscient. He can do absolutely anything good, but there is no such thing as purifying humanity. Making a change to a being means changing identity. Purging humanity would mean deleting the old identity of sin, and somehow creating a new one of purity. That deletion means death. They call it sinner, but that sinner is actually a sin itself! The fact that humans die means humanity is not good. Accept it. Therefore there’s a higher power ensuring that existence will one day be purified. Too bad no one here will be there!
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