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  1. This is a wrong question to ask, a fake perspective. The A.I., in itself, is a tool. So a TOOL can not create or destroy jobs, by itself. Happy day!
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    On a 23" monitor, about 3 years old, some weird lines started to show up recently. On the left and rifght side. From light grey to dark grey, thinner or thicker. Lately there have been some short power cuts and vry strong fluctuations, and i didn't connect it to the ups. Only the comp is linked to the ups. Anyone knows why these lines show up? It's a Philips, good quality, it's unexpected to have something like this after 3 years. Could it be the power or something else? Thanks
  3. How do you calculate how many grams of kilograms of neodymium you need in order to build a permanent magnet motor with, let's say 10kw power? Thanks wasn't sure which forum to choose to post this.
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