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  1. Thank you Strange for the response. As I said I'm not looking just to learn to code I want to pursue a degree for the purpose of a career. I also want to be as fully prepared as I can. Even if I end up writing web site CSS I don't want to be limited to that. Knowing that I may be working alongside someone who took and understands higher level math when I didn't and don't causes more anxiety than the thought of taking those courses. The thought of those courses are actually exciting, I've always liked math. Thank you Huck. CTU is regionally accredited by the HLC. Although I don't fully understand the accreditation hierarchy. One of the first things I checked. CTU also came up as first on a list of best online CS degree programs although I can't find that list now and I'm seeing lots of different lists with different rankings and whatnot. CTU is also almost double the cost of the University 40 minutes down the road that also has a 100% online program that requires the following: MATH 110 College Algebra MATH 122 Plane Trigonometry MATH 234 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I MATH 250 Elements of Statistics The only reason I'm still considering CTU is because I've had the opportunity to talk with them and I know how long it will take and that it will fit my schedule very well. Hopefully I'll be able to talk with a couple of other schools this week as I started this on a Friday and wasn't able to over the weekend.
  2. To be specific it's: BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE- SOFTWARE ENGINEERING CONCENTRATION. So yes, I'd have a degree in CS and I see what you are saying pzkpfw I guess the reason I was asking is because I like to be prepared and was worried if not taking these courses would affect my ability in real world situations. I've been reading and researching all day though and really if I wanted that knowledge it's available online at places like khan academy. Every other university that i've looked at requires much more math for a CS degree so it just threw me that it's not required at this particular one.
  3. Thanks for the response Sensei. The problem is i'm not just looking to program on my own and make an app or program. I'm looking for that piece of paper that qualifies me for jobs and that seems to be a requirement for most positions.
  4. I'm currently looking for an online school to get my BS in computer science. I'm 33 with 2 kids and a full time job so online is really my only option. I was on the phone for quite a while today with someone from Colorado Technical Institute and he made everything sound good and all but after I looked at the courses there is actually only one math and it's college algebra for technical programs. It's been my understanding that math was going to be a large part of this endeavor so how is it that only one math is required? No trig, calc, linear algebra, discreet math or anything like that. Math doesn't scare me at all but i'm wondering could this hurt me in the long run? I guess what i'm looking for is someone who has graduated and working and what you think of a program that only requires basic college algebra as the only math requirement. I'll also provide a link to the courses. Also, anyone who may have taken the online route or has some knowledge that can make a recommendation is more than welcome also. http://presentation.coloradotech.edu/degrees-individual.php?campus=Virtual%20Campus&type=bachelors&iqguid={DE9321E3-9739-41D9-82D8-65D3EE8287D2}
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