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  1. I disagree with spanking children because it can leave psychological damage. However I think we MUST legalize caning for people 16-35 At that age you should know what is ethical and unethical. Plus the kids will understand that if they misbehave when they are young, it will be hard to remove bad behavior when they'll be older so they will learn to behave at young age.Paying fines will not work because its not strict enough. Have you ever felt like there's no justice? Police can't take care of minor stuff ("minor stuff"). If we legalize that we will have MORE WORK because well have special poli
  2. where is jesus and allah to help people that had great life and then were attacked or their life was destroyed by terrorist attacks etc. (just example). I dont feel sorry for the people. I think its wrong but I ask to understand the religion.
  3. Why your eye color or how your eyes look change after looking at computer, tv and mobile phone for too long? some people have it
  4. I didn't remove the tag and now when I smell it it has a weird chemical smell. Is it safe? what is it?
  5. Can children inherit something caused by outside causes. Something that their parents got during their life? Like HIV, losing hearing, something broken...
  6. i have to post this again because I posted the first question incorrectly. I know one person that spit in one persons food a lot when he was a child and now he looks like him. they spent a lot of time close. can you explain this? thank you
  7. Are the chemicals bad for the hair? Why? Can it cause hair loss when I get older? Thanks
  8. I was hit in the back of my neck when I was a kid. If you look carefully at this photo you can see the bones are weird. I want to know the consequences. Can this injury affect your looks? How can this injury damage your health? How can I heal this? Thank you.
  9. How can I find out how I will look when I become adult? Ive seen technologies that showed me on a computer how will my face look like when I will be old. I am asking you because you are interested in science. I know there are apps but I don't think they are precise. I want something very precise. Thanks. /
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