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  1. Hi I'm trying to find out what it's called when you can change your eye focus? I been doing it for years and found out recently it's bot that common. My partner and I was doing an optical illusion with lines and we had to see the picture in the lines. I just said blur your eyes and he couldn't donut. K can change focus from little to fully blurred. also I can see slightly more colour tones then the average. I was wondering if this was linked or anyone have any thoughts?
  2. hi I don't know if this is active still but I can. for example when you do those optical illusions to see what picture is behind the lines. If I blur my eyes it's appears. how many people who have this have you discovers a name for it? when I blur my eyes I can blur slightly bits at a time or fully. sometimes I feel bump in my eye when I do this. I was trying to find out as my partner can't. I figured out I could to this in school when I was young when I kept zoning out. you know when you vision gets blurry and I tried it fpund I could do it. I just thought it was pretty normal. but J hav
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