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  1. This I believe is possibly a simple “conceptual breakthrough” in the effort to explain the origins of everything from nothing using simple mathematical logic. “Occam's razor is the problem-solving principle that essentially states that simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones” Wikipedia. The theory outlined hereunder is informed and motivated by this “problem-solving principle”. Theory: In Mathematics, the number zero (0) is unique and represents the absence of “anything” that can be measured, seen, touched, etc. Therefore, this is the logical starting point for the theory. Nothing = zero (so at this point there is no universe, no energy, no matter, no singularity, etc.) Zero in mathematics cannot be multiplied by any number (so “things” did not come into existence following this “mathematical route” from the starting point of zero) Mathematically, zero divided by any number remains zero (so “things” did not come to be through this “mathematical process” from the starting point of zero either) However, multiplication and division are very important “secondary mathematical processes” in the “immediate aftermath” of creation/the big-bang or whatever one prefers to call it. Naturally, we can only get “somewhere” or “anything” from the starting point of zero (nothing) through two “primary mathematical processes”, namely; through addition and subtraction to and from zero. The moment of creation/big-bang happened at: Creation/big bang = zero plus & minus “positive/negatives forces” at the same instant (first process of creation) At this point the process of “self-destruction or cancelling out” of the “positive and negative forces” is happening at a very high rate Crucially, however, for the existence of things, it is immediately followed by: Asymmetric multiplication & division of “positive/negative forces” at the same instant (second process of creation) At this point, through all mathematical processes, “things begin to stabilize” through wild expansions, bonds, accumulations, cooling offs, etc. and, therefore, preventing complete self-destruction or cancelling out of creation/big bang forces. This logical sequence of events explains why creation survived itself and “there is something instead of nothing”. But HOW & WHY did creation/big bang happen? Zero (nothing) is an unstable condition The instability of zero (nothing) “forces” positive and negative forces into existence initially through the mathematical processes of addition and subtraction in an effort to create stability or balance around zero (nothing). However, these negatives and positives are immediately prone to cancelling out, and that is where other secondary mathematical processes of multiplication and division of things are crucial in the existence of “things”. These processes immediately kick into the juggernaut to maintain “partial stability”. This “partial stability” explains why time cannot reverse and why creation/big bang cannot collapse back into nothingness. Abednego Katuushii Ekandjo, 10 January 2019 Windhoek, 18:40