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  1. A young Scientist has gone ahead to explain the Mystery of why Uranus has Vertical Rings, rather than the horizontal rings seen in other ringed planets. In the early years of our solar system, protoplanets (bodies developing to become planets) collided in violent giant impacts that helped create the worlds we see today. Most researches hold the belief that Uranus’ spin was the result of a one of these collisions. While it is not yet possible to recreate planets in the lab and smash them together to see what happens, what Jacob and his team did was to create computer models simulating the events using a powerful supercomputer as the next best thing. LINK DELETED
  2. I guess you're right... so what is a zero universe?
  3. If it exist, then it can't be 0.
  4. Einstein's Relativity Theory completely changed my life. Nearly a decade later I wonder where i'd have been if I never came across those lines.