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    Why do my reactions appear to fail ?

    Hello Sensei ! thank you for your quick response ! i just worked out the problem with secon reaction of the balloon as I realised I was capturing fumes as well as H2 ! Yeyyy ! Bubbly combustion of sugar still an issue. I put 4 parts icing sugar , 1 part HCO3 could it be because I do it in soil instead of sand ??? I use methylated spirit as fuel.
  2. Hello, I am very frustrated I can’t manage to obtain the following reactions: (1) Combustion of sugar + NaHCO3 ( i.e. black snake or pharaoh’s snake ). No towering of ash is formed at all (2) NaOH + Al3+ H2O. The captured gas in the balloon does not make the balloon float. They are intended for a demonstration at a children’s ‘party’ / seminar. They are 8 years old. Please can anyone help ?