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  1. Hello Everyone I am new here and I am so very sorry if this is indeed the wrong area for this. If it is the wrong area please suggest the correct area I know a lot of conflicting information exists on the topic of B17 or Amygdalin But I have seen a man's health descend rapidly after discontinuing use and die of cancer and I have seen evidence of major remission of cancer with the use of oral B17 products that was harvested naturally and no other medicine was used The extraction of Amygdalin appears to be extremely basic and easy however I am hoping someone better educated than I can help me to understand in what state Amygdalin is safe for Intravenous use. Assuming I follow the following basic procedure would any further treatment need to be done in order for it to be safe for Intravenous use? Procedure (Using only Apricot-kernel) Reflux extraction Small pieces of Apricot-kernel and Prunus Tomentosa Thunb. (3 g of each) were reflux extracted by 100 mL water with 0.1% citric acid for 2.5 h in the condition of a 60°C water bath. The water extract was collected after filtration. The residue was dissolved in 100 mL water with 0.1% citric acid and the previously mentioned process was repeated. The two times water extract was then combined and diluted to 200 mL.
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