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  1. If you don't give back the earth will take it back. How much of the food processed globally is given back to the earth in the form of natural decay? Do we just continue to take and give nothing back? This would be the explanation as to why we even have disease in the fist place. Beacause we eat a lot of pigs,chckens, and cows our bodies are directly connected to the earth though them. They come from the earth and we harvest them, WE NEED TO GIVE BACK to the earth 10% of every harvest and soon we'll see the end of disease. THe most common of diseases like cold and flu viruses are probably
  2. I hope all american pig,cow, and chicken farmers are giving back to the earth. 10% of what you harvest should go back to the earth. Here's a tip: sacrifice your best animal by opening the animal and seperately lay out each internal organ on the earth and allow it to decompose naturally into the air. By doing this in the correct fashion and the right amount you can balance out the spores that cause disease (over time). It might help to ask a scientist, but something along these lines.
  3. Do you think maybe the original percussions are searching for an atmosphere to slow down into and when they reach the threshold of finite "small"ness they begin to fall back on its origination in the form of energy from sound? which in turn creates the appearance of gravitationally lensed light?
  4. Sight and sound are the same dimension. The little bit of dark matter that exsists within our atmosphere(probably in the nitrogen molecule) allows for sound to have such a consistant property . everything we see is made up of sound . The universe was created with words ....blah blah blah that tree in the forest doesn't make a sound if no one is around to see it. sound cannot exsist in a vacuum. The sound of the sun's energy is felt and heard in wave form...
  5. Most people don't know about the delicate microscopic ecosytem of food related cycles until it is too late. You must always give back to the earth everything you take from it. By neglecting this age old wisdom you cause imbalances with the spores. The spores then mutate in order to counter the imbalances and we end up with disease. By sacrifcing 10% of everything you take you satisfy the earth's desire to be replenished and keep the spores from mutating into something undesireable, like disease. Use this method with everything we consume: lay out 10% on the earth in an open area where it won't
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