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  1. The FMO complex has a size that is within the typical size range for quantum dots, and absorbs photon energy at what appears to be an effective bandgap between 2-3 eV. While various techniques have been used to investigate the behavior of the FMO complex, such as femto photography or polarization-dependent, two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy, see www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0006349508702595, the assumption implicit in these analyses appears to be that it is the component molecules of the FMO complex that are transferring energy between each other, as opposed to the FMO complex itself behaving like a quantum dot with a coherent electron attracted to a corresponding hole by Coulombic attraction. Transfer of energy from the chlorosomes to the reaction center could be explained by the coherent electron losing coherence and localizing at the reaction center.
  2. I've read that dopamine neurons in the substantia nigra that have axons with less than 8 branches exhibit pacemaker modes of firing, but that ones with more than 8 branches do not. Why is that?
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