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  1. I have tried out the iodine clock reaction. It was super cool. I wanted to try out the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction just for those concentric circles. I will definitely try and obtain Ferroin. Malonic Acid is very expensive and I don't really have the right knowledge to judge if the price is correct. At my place, 5g costs about $40 dollars. Thanks for your help,much appreciated!
  2. The Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction is an ocillating chemical reaction. The reaction really fascinates me as it is a very strange and interesting one. I would love to recreate it someday but the reactants required to do this reaction are: 1. Very expensive.(Malonic Acid) 2. Not commonly avaliable.(Ferroin) Is there any other substitute to Malonic Acid and the Phenanthroline Ferrous Sulphate as I am unable to obtain them. Are these reactants absolutely mandatory for this reaction? The equation for this reaction is: 3CH2(CO2H)2 + 4BrO−3 → 4Br− + 9CO2 + 6H2O Her
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