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  1. I need few pages of information and operating conditions, if you have or know some articles or books, it would be perfect if you send me a link. My knowledge about pepsin pretty basic. Sorry for late respond.
  2. I know that pH stands for 'potential of Hydrogen. Strong acids have a higher concentration of hydrogen ions than weak acids. strong acid
  3. for my science project I’m testing pepsin, so I need somehow get HCl = 2pH. I know there is way from concentration calculate pH, but I don’t know how. Maybe someone can send me some examples, how to calculate that or explaine or send the link with explanation. Also maybe someone can send me conspects or articles abouot pepsin and digestion, proteins appreciate any help.
  4. What seam racist to one person may not seam to another person. Who will decide what is rasist? Some times people accidentally say rasist think and what if kid will say rasist think, you will put him in jail?
  5. Update: Maybe someone can recommend site or program that helps identify bacteria from colony morphology and biochemical testing
  6. I making some research, about effects of household antibacterial regents on bacterial colonies. So I grow bacterias from desk before regent was used and after. And problem that my stupid head thought let use grama staining method, now I have 8 photos from microscope and I need compere number of bacterias from each sample. Can someone can recommend program or method how count cells and give some tips how next time don’t make similar mistake, recommend methods to count cells (I don’t have expensive lab technologies). Can I somehow adapt this man's program? Also adding some photos from research: https://imgur.com/a/NK757e4
  7. Hello guys, I need idea for high school science project. The project should not require expensive equipment or rare materials. Project should solve humanity problem or be related with humanity. I have one idea, but my idea is not complete. My idea was take bacteria’s examples from school desk, then grow bacteria’s in petri dishes and identify (Gram positive or Gram negative), but I can’t relate it with human health or similar thing. I would be grateful if you could complete my idea. It would be good if you send some links. Thanks for any help. :)
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