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  1. I spent Christmas meditating and observing these light orbs. Mine observation I made needs mentioning. As I scanned the blue skies that was lightly cloudy, yet sunny, I watched focused on the melecular level of the white cell floaters, and spotted my query. These energy orbs darted left and right, up and down, evasive and attracted, or darting and repelled. I noticed that they did not move towards of away from me. They seemed to be operating on a 2D plane. Which made me think of what fish would see looking up at rain hitting water... these light energy particles wasn’t electric rain, but was on a traditional plane comparable to water and air, this separation of elements (liquid/steam/ice) created the illusion that these particles operated on a 2D plane, but if I contemplate elemental factories, could this visible light capturing plane hint to a fourth element non observable through scientifical instruments. The quest; to create a device that can observe our vision when focused on this Deminsional 2D plane, or 4th Element. Contemplate a crystal in 3D... now 2D... but 4D? How would we be able to communicate from each demension? We know how to mathematically do it... and through our calculations these frequencies can be transferred to sound that change our personal perspective of observation... Awaken My People.... 11:11
  2. Very, very interesting, and I have to atleast mention that this topic, at 6:12 PM, CST, Springfield, Mo. USA, Dec. 24th, Christmas Eve, Was the subject of my fiancées and I’s conversation. We are both age 39, going on 40, contemplating quantum entanglement, nantrinos, light particles, and hallucinated reality, which is observed by our minds through a sliver of observable elements. We are not your average Americans, raised in a harsh environment, through each of our personal individual life choices, we are have come to see life in a mysterious but real way. Our synopsis; Life is information; incarnate, yet imagined, with different dimensions separate in realty, but entangled in quantum’s algarthrimic programming, the Matrix Movie is on point, but off in reasoning. Strange how Neos reality is our owns, but add reincarnation infused with Our Higher-Self Awareness... our evolved consciousness in the three realms guarded by Nāga Kanya...where we are present now, observing our own beginning and end at the same time, where time is moving in both directions, where the future dictates the past, and vise versa. The following link explains this: I think further exploration in neutrinos as a connection in the light sperms should be pursued. Please research this, 11:11, SLI... all connected... so are we...
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