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  1. Hi Forum, I hope you can help settle a bet. The question is: Can a body (say a ball) spin about multiple axes at the same time? For example imagine a ball with its centre at the origin of x-y-z coordinates. If the ball is rotating about the X axes is it possible for it to be simultaneously rotating about the y and z axes as well? If it is possible is the resultant rotation simply the "vector" sum (or equivalent) of each of the individual rotations, just as the velocity of a moving body can be resolved into x, y & z components, and if so how does one "add" the individual components (direction and "speed" of rotation) to get a resultant spin? Thanks
  2. Thanks, GDG for a balanced, informative and objective explanation that leaves me earger to learn more. Most appreciated!
  3. Hi scienceforums, as a biology noob I wonder if anyone can explain, With of about 10,000 confirmed cases of swine flu worldwide and about 100 deaths it has about a 1% mortality rate. As I understand it much of the concern is that it could mutate into an easier spreading or even more potent strain. So, if I had no access to antiviral drugs or immunisation would taking my chances and catching the current form of the virus, allowing my body to recognise it, form antibodies and (hopefully ) overcome it, confer on me any resistance to a possible more potent future strain, assuming the new strain is not too different from the current ones? When confronted by a new strain of the virus would my existing antibodies then say "Ah, we've seen something like this before and we know just where to hit it!" (antibodies speaking English and all)? Any clarifications appreciated
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