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  1. Thank you everyone for all of your responses. Ill try my best to respond in my best terms. 1.) I’m sure it’s mercury, a friend found about 5 pounds of it when they moved into their new house. The house used to be an old homestead based around a gold mine. The bottle it came in is really old and I had to Trade it out for a newer, more sturdy bottle as mercury is pretty scary work with. I haven’t ran a test on it, and so I think I’ll probably do that next, Thanks for the heads up 2.) I used Murrattic (sp?) acid to clean the aluminum after I sanded it down. It’s the type of acid you can buy at a hardware store for cleaning concrete. I left the acid on the aluminum a variety of times once it wouldn’t work the first time, but after dabbing the acid up I applied the Mercury as quickly as possible (under 30 seconds). 3.) my nephews wanted to try and recreate this video because towards the end of the video the amount of amalgam is crazy compared to other videos that seem to have only a drop of mercury reacting. I’m starting to think that maybe that video isn’t real and it somebody’s idea of a funny joke… But then again what would be the point of that I can’t even get a drop to react so I would be happy to have what happens in the other videos, happen with us Am I doing that right? Ive even tried drilling into the aluminum Divet while the mercury was in place thinking it had something to do with the oxidation and it still didn’t work Thanks again guys, Jojo
  2. Hello, I have my nephews this weekend and I am doing a bit of research before they get here because I would like to be able to guide them through a science experiment that they’ve been asking me to help them with for ages. The experiement is the reaction that occurs when Aluminum is exposed to mercury. They are wanting to recreate the exact reaction they saw on YouTube. I’ve got all the materials to do it (in theory) and luckily I decided to conduct a test run before they arrived. My problem is I can’t get the reaction to start at all. I’ve tried to contacting the person that made the video but I haven’t heard back yet. 1.) Here is what I’ve done. I preped the aluminum with sand paper and then drilled a hole to hold the mercury....and then added the mercury and that didn’t work 2.) i then repeated the process on this time I tried to clean off the oxydation with acid before adding the mercury and that didn’t work. Any tips? like I said the reaction I’m trying to recreate is what they saw on this YouTube video Thanks in advance. Sincerely, frustrated uncle.
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