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  1. So we hear that if one consumes too much refined insulin-spiking carbs, it is very likely that a large portion of it will get stored as fat. Simple question. If I eat a large amount of a fatty low glycémic index food, like drinking some full fat cream (30% fat), physiologically, what happens after my body has used what it needs at that time? Does the rest get stored as fat? (I'm it does) but how?
  2. Hello, This topic is becoming a hobby fascination of mine and I've been reading a fair amount of literature on it, which naturally gives rise to some questions. I have recently realised through a simple BG meter I inherited from my T2 diabetes mum, that my BG levels are slightly higher than what is considered to be normal. It seems to be exclusive to when I am fasting. I say this because on numerous occasions I have eaten the barely-imaginable filth that would cause BG's to rocket in just about anyone and tested my BG's within the hour only to find that it is still below 8mmol/l, where
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