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  1. Arrrr... getting late here,but I have a few forts on it, completely speculative, More of a big spread, two factors, after the big bang,1) would of created a large pressure wave. 2 the matter was distributed across A , the matter then caused the warping of A, which would cause gravity, causing the matter to clump together, when the matter has spread out enough from the expansion from the wave, gravity weakens binding the matter in our universe, until A is strong enough to help push it along. Do you know of any computer programs to test this.
  2. Thank-you for your replies , well the story was more of a way to get the idea across in a away that could be easily visualized , clearly I was too whimsical. Me trying to imagine building a universe in my head, im no super computer. The main, theory was that the framework of our universe was already in place before the big bang.which would mean that it's matters effects on this structure (A) that governs time and space, Which may explain the following. The branching nature of the universe (A) Could be a good fit for dark energy (A) Could be a good fit for dark matter , as (A) could also act as a separator , between unreacted matter and anti matter. Also may explain the uneven distribution of matter leader in up to the big bang. Also these are very loose ties. But could also explain the contraction of the universe after the big bang. And any questions, please ask.
  3. Just too tickle afew neurons here, went to a uni event on theories on the creation of the universe, I'm not going to lie, im a electronics engineer. Heard a lot of interesting things but it didn't really sit right with me, so this is most probably wrong, but here's a engineers guide on building a universe. a little story. A scientist is trapped in a warehouse filled full off cages, he sits in one of the cages , in the dark, wondering where he is. he shouts out for help and hears other people in the cages next to him, the scientist then reaches out one side of the cage, he feels someone, he shouts whats your name, the first person replied ying,then he reached out to the other side and same again, whats your name, my name is yang.he's glad to see he's not alone. ying and yang then reach out to greet each, struggling to do so, but when they did finally manage to touch each other, then the scientist witnessed something amazing. a energy from the two cages that permeated through the entire warehouse, he notices that ying and yang have vanished. Hes shocked to see that the energy is now turning into matter, and that this new matter is effecting the shape of his cage and others around him. With matter comming together like grouped neurons. He then fort to himself I wonder what ying or yang would make of this. FIN
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